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Back at it here with Film Twitter’s fun monthly game.

Here are my Top First Watches of August:


Summerland (2020)

This easily might become one of my favorites of 2020. It’s the perfect film for right now with its blend of tough real life experiences and daring hopefulness. The vintage lesbians are also a huge plus for me. I went more in depth about the film earlier this month. Definitely worth the price of renting on VOD.


The Third Man (1949)

This movie is great if you love murder conspiracies, Joseph Cotton in a lead role, gorgeous shots of Vienna, and killer zither music throughout. Without giving too much away, there’s also a reveal in this mid-way through that I will constantly think about from now on.



Death in Venice (1971)

Just as Summerland was a great movie to watch in these current times, Death in Venice might be one of the worst movies to watch during a widely-ignored lethal pandemic given its subject matter. And yet, I couldn’t look away. There is such a sense of loneliness that is ever so relatable right now. Dirk Bogarde’s performance broke my heart, as usual.


Sightseers (2012)

Between this and Prevenge, I both love and am absolutely terrified by Alice Lowe’s mind. Here, along with Steve Oram and director Ben Wheatley, she’s crafted a disturbingly dark and often hilarious tale of love between a couple with serial killer tendencies.

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Kate GrahamFilm – Top First Watches of August