GTA Online – Diamond Casino Heist is Now Available

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GTA Online – Diamond Casino Heist is now available

Rockstar Games has released a major update for GTA Online multiplayer. Previously you could play Vegas-like slots for free in the Diamond Casino but now you can rob it, solve the mystery of the maniac, free Avi Schwartzman, and much more.

Diamond Casino – enough to play Vegas games, it’s time to get a Big Score

The developers did a great job and expanded the possibilities of heists in GTA Online. They’ve combined the atmosphere of classic old-fashion casinos with the modern concept of real-money online gambling that is developing at incredible speed. You have to help the former owner of Diamond Casino – Mr. Chen, to clear the vaults full of money, gold bars and works of art.

As before, the brain of all operations will be the Lester Crest. He not only changed, but also received a new story…

Remember Vincent’s fired security chief? He will return and take revenge on his former employers. Revenge is a dish served cold.

So, are you going to rob Diamond Casino? Visit Lester Crest and watch a story clip. Then open the Maze Bank Foreclosures in-game website and buy a new type of property – a gaming room.

Gather a team of professionals

The game room is your secret residence, where careless players leave GTA $ at the top, and at the bottom there is a bunker for planning a heist of a Diamond Casino. We advise you not to spend all the money, buy a game room and a garage. If you plan to rob a casino, we recommend that you go into the bunker from the side of the garage. So, you will be spared the need to go through the game zone and the secret tunnel.

The better prepared, the easier it will be to rob Diamond Casino

Preparing for a robbery. As the developers promised, you are given a large number of ways to rob the Diamond Casino. All tasks are performed in free mode, which complicates their completion a little, as random players can attack you and destroy the necessary equipment or vehicles.

Rob Diamond Casino quietly, by deception or by storm

Regardless of which route you choose to loot Diamond Casino, remember one thing: good preparation is the key to a big jackpot.

Clothing, tattoos and animations

The game added more than 50 types of clothing, including the long-awaited costumes. Almost all new clothes are opened for passing robberies in different scenarios. Visit the tattoo parlor and you will see 40 new tattoos.

New cars in GTA Online

Rockstar Games has added 14 new vehicles to the update. Six of them are already available on car dealership sites: Karin Everon, Lampadati Komoda, Maxwell Asbo, Maxwell Vagrant, Vapid Retinue MKII and Ubermacht Rebla GTS. The rest will open in the coming weeks.

In addition, the Warstock Voentorg offers to buy a fire truck, an SUV and a rescue ATV, an armored car, as well as another Boxville van.

Looking for the unknown?

The San Andreas State Government has posted 50 jammers. Destroy these devilish devices so that the paranoid Avi Schwartzman will help you in the robberies of Diamond Casino. But shh, be quiet, you have not seen this!

In the wake of the maniac

The citizens of Los Santos are alarmed: a maniac is operating in the city. He kills his victims from an old naval revolver. Seek out this beast and put an end to serial killings. As a reward, get a murder weapon and a cash prize from the San Andreas Police Department.

Ceramic gun

New to the Ammu-Nation weapons store is a ceramic pistol with a 12-round magazine. You can use it to pass through the scope of metal detectors. You can only get a gun after robbing Diamond Casino in the “Fraud” scenario. It will be available only to the robbery organizer.

Also, a new iFruit radio station was added to the game (scroll through the menu with the radio).

RC Time Test – Construction Site II

RC Bandito owners can take part in a special time trial.

RC Bandito can only be owned if there is a garage in the workshop of the Maze Bank Arena. Check out the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website and buy the RC Bandito.

An RC time test can bring up to $ 104,000GTA. For conquering the required time, you will be paid once 100,000GTA $ + 1,000GTA $ to 4,000GTA $ for the complexity of the route.

Time Trial – Stab City

Time trial can bring up to 104,000GTA $. For conquering the required time, you will be paid once 100,000GTA $ + from 1,000GTA $ to 4,000GTA $ for the complexity of the route. Time trial is the best opportunity to demonstrate your craving for records or to quickly earn more than $ 100,000 GTA.

Premium Race – “Whirlpool” (only for muscle cars)

To participate in the premium race, you must pay an entry fee of $ 20,000GTA. Drive into the yellow circle on the Legion Square (downtown Los Santos) and join the premium race. Each victory in the premium race will bring – 100,000GTA $, second place – 30,000GTA $, third place – 20,000GTA $ and triple accrual of reputation points for all racers.

In the coming weeks, Rockstar Games will share new details that will be associated with the current update. Don’t waste your time in playing Vegas-like slots in Diamond Casino – just rob it!

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Pop Culture BeastGTA Online – Diamond Casino Heist is Now Available