How Game of Thrones has Influenced all Corners of Pop Culture

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Forged in the books of George R.R. Martin, the HBO series Game of Thrones has exceeded all expectations to be hailed as the most popular show in the world by Time Magazine. The series has been a major talking point for people all over the world, integrating itself as one of the most famous pieces of pop culture of our time.

But where other popular films, television series, or games mostly remain within their medium, Game of Thrones and references to the show have been popping up everywhere, even before the show has concluded.
Blending into gaming

The series and the books have struggled to capture a video gaming audience. Be this due to the quality of the games or the Game of Thrones audience generally being older than much of the video gaming community, it seems a shame that a developer hasn’t created a triple-A game that embodies Game of Thrones.

However, the series found a way to create new games to appeal to its older audience. For the majority of adults, most gaming – if any – is done in short bursts on their mobile phones, which is why Aspers online casino hosts the Game of Thrones online slot. Filled with symbols and bonuses of the houses of Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen, the Game of Thrones slot delivers the world that fans crave but in a gaming form that adults enjoy.

Along with the Game of Thrones slot game, there’s also the all-ages Game of Thrones Conquest mobile game, as well as references to the show in top titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Watch Dogs 2.
Inspiring elements of new shows

A popular series like Game of Thrones earning a spin-off is fairly commonplace, just see Joey from Friends, and HBO has already commissioned five different prequel or spin-off ideas, but when a show is so big that it inspires core elements of completely new shows, its hold on pop culture is clear to see.

This was the case for the British comedy series Wasted, which ran in 2016. Starring Danny Kirrane, Rose Reynolds, and Gwyneth Keyworth as the main characters, Sean Bean also features throughout as a spirit guide, taking the form of his character in Game of Thrones, Ned Stark, as shown by The Telegraph.

For their adoration of Game of Thrones, both Kirrane and Keyworth have been given small roles in the hit American show. Kirrane played Henk in ‘The Spoils of War’ and Keyworth appeared as Clea in ‘High Sparrow’. Game of Thrones often sneaks in cameos – not often very sneakily, as was the case with Ed Sheeran – but it’s great to see that the show gives back to those who have furthered the show’s fame and hold on pop culture.

There are also many references to Game of Thrones across many other television shows. In South Park, not only does Mr Garrison teach a lesson on the landscape of Game of Thrones, but the three-part Black Friday storyline in the 17th season draws many antics from the HBO show, as well as bringing in George R.R. Martin. In the US Office, Dwight teaches Erin how to speak Dothraki, Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes many references to Game of Thrones, and Sesame Street even did a parody episode.
Game of Thrones is the biggest show on earth and will undoubtedly continue to influence pop culture long after season eight finishes this year.

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Garon CockrellHow Game of Thrones has Influenced all Corners of Pop Culture