How to bet on mixed martial arts

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How to bet on mixed martial arts

Interest in mixed martial arts has grown over the last two decades putting the sport’s popularity on par with the likes of boxing and pro wrestling. A number of major and minor fight promotions have sprung up with the largest being Ultimate Fighting Championship followed by Bellator and a host of secondary promotions. UFC 251 is fast approaching and fans are debating who will win the main event of the show, Kamaru Usman or Gilbert Burns. UFC supporters can get the newest fancodes ahead of UFC 251 to bet on the fighter they believe will win on the night.

As the interest in MMA has grown in fans, so too has the excitement around betting on the combat sport. In some ways, betting on MMA is like wagering on boxing. However, due to the rules and other aspects of MMA that differ from boxing, there are some nuances bettors must get used to. If you want to wager on MMA but don’t know where to start, here is a look at how to bet on mixed martial arts.


The moneyline bet is the most popular way to bet on MMA fights. The simplicity of the moneyline bet makes it the ideal way for punters of all abilities from all over the world to bet on sports. When making a moneyline bet, you simply wager on the outcome of the fight. Therefore, you are betting on which fighter will when at the end of the match. When Usman battles Gilbert at UFC 251, there will be plenty of sportsbook fans wagering on the moneyline of the fight and if their predicted fighter wins, their bet will be victorious.

Over/Under Rounds

The over/under bet focuses on how many rounds a fight will go. In UFC, a basic fight consists of three five-minute rounds while title fights are five five-minute rounds. Sportsbooks will typically offer a market of over/under 2.5 rounds for matches.

Method of Victory

In a fight between a strong MMA fighter and weaker opponent, the moneyline may not offer value. In that case, you may want to look at other markets. Method of victory can be a great alternative that provides value for money. When making a bet on the method of victory, you can choose from:

  • TKO – A common outcome for fights in MMA. A TKO occurs when a referee stops a fight due to a fighter being unable to defend himself/herself.
  • KO – A knockout occurs when a fighter is punched or kicked unconscious.
  • Submission – When a fighter taps out due to a choke, leg, or arm bar that is placed on them during a fight. Submissions are a common end to MMA fights.
  • Disqualification – A DQ can occur myriad of ways in an MMA fight, although they do not seem to be very common in modern day UFC or Bellator. Illegal moves include eye pokes, headbutts, and punches or kicks to the groin.
  • Decision – When a fight goes the distance it is decided by the judges. Decisions are always decided by scorecards and can see an underdog upset a favourite.

MMA is one of the most exciting, fast-paced combat sports in the world. It continues to grow in popularity and has surpassed boxing in the eyes of many fans. Betting on MMA also continues to grow and is great way to diversify your sports betting.

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Pop Culture BeastHow to bet on mixed martial arts