Album Review: Jeff Simmermon tells funny stories on “And I Am Not Lying”

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jeff simmermonFans of storytelling podcasts like The Moth are likely to enjoy the debut comedy album from Jeff Simmermon, And I Am Not Lying. A Moth alum, Simmermon specializes in long, humorous stories that offer their fair share of chuckles along the way, even if they don’t often pay off with big stand-up-style punchlines.

Highlights include yarns about Simmermon’s failed attempt to hit it big with a band featuring live chickens playing toy pianos (a track by the band, Royal Quiet Deluxe, is tagged on the end of the album), losing a testicle to cancer, and finding unexpected empathy on a New York subway train after a grocery bag disaster.

There are more smile-worthy moments than hilarious laugh-out-loud bits, but Simmermon is a charming personality with an uncommon perspective.

And I Am Not Lying is now available for download or streaming. Simmermon is currently fundraising to put out a pink vinyl edition on Indiegogo.
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Justin RemerAlbum Review: Jeff Simmermon tells funny stories on “And I Am Not Lying”