#ListenUpBeasts – Welcome

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You’ve clicked! Thanks! We are currently listening to some great podcasts, but which ones? That’s the real question! There are so many that it’s hard to know what’s worth downloading. We’re here to help.

At PCB we like to find the stuff you might have missed, so stay tuned each month as we sort through the thousands of podcasts to find smaller ones that are worth a listen. Who knows, maybe we’ll find your next favorite podcast?


Whether the voices of thoughtful activist citizens that we will be inspired by (while we guiltily feel lazy), or guys killing it at every bachelor party, or small town journalists without a big town outlet; maybe enthusiastic experts in fields where our knowledge falls short – we want to hear, Can you juggle, or deep-sea fish, manage an oil rig or get away with acceptable felonies? And then talk about it coherently? Or perhaps you’re just two friends talking nonsense about your past history, but making us listeners feel we were right beside you? We are working on our picks, so, check back soon, and if you want your fave to be considered, tweet us with the hashtag #ListenUpBeasts.

Recommend a friend, or get your followers following @PopCultureBeast. We want to hear you.

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Pop Culture Beast#ListenUpBeasts – Welcome