Lucifer Recap: Stewardess Interruptus

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Finally, the show is back. Unfortunately, only for two episodes before winter hiatus, but still.

We finally got what everyone’s been waiting for.

More on that in a bit.

Last episode, we left Chloe and Luci eating a well thought out dinner in the penthouse, when it looked like things were moving along swimmingly.

Then, the stewardess.

An old lover of Lucifer’s has rolled into town, expecting Things As Usual. At exactly the wrong moment.

So….it’s back to the almost-status-quo.

Perceptive little Trixie knows something’s up, asking Mommy if her dinner with Lucifer was a date “with flowers and candles and music about sex”. HEH. She then asks Mommy why she’s blushing? (I tip my hat to you, writers. Indeed, kids say the damndest things.)

Cue the murder. This time, coincidentally, two of the victims were old lovers of Lucifer’s, leading the team to assemble a revolving door list of everyone he’s slept with in the past eight weeks, to see if anyone is a jealous psycho.

After emptying the standing room only lobby of beautiful women and men (THANK YOU WRITERS), Lucifer feels like he’s been looking in a mirror and doesn’t like what he sees. He’s been having sex with a lot of people and it doesn’t matter to him, but it hurts when he finds out it doesn’t matter to anyone else, either.


They do find he has a psycho stalker who tracks everyone he associates with and makes little plush dolls of his many fashion choices (Dolls? Yeesh.). She’s never actually slept with Lucifer, but her meticulous record keeping leads them to discover the real plot.

Meanwhile, Maze is getting pissier and pissier as she gets no thanks for eliminating Chloe’s dad’s killer. Through a therapy session with Dr. Linda that goes like much of the therapy sessions with Lucifer, she stumbles on almost the right conclusion by assuming everything is about her. Ah, well. Progress is progress.

Dan is still embarrassed about the Charlotte thing. As well he should be. However, during a sting they set up to catch their murderer, everyone finds out.

Charlotte is all aboard the Let’s-get-Chloe-and-Lucifer-together train. She tries to push things along a little by telling Chloe so. Awkward.

Lucifer is bound and determined to win Chloe over, but he’s still not quite understanding why he’s failing. Chloe sees the interrupted kiss as a near miss, almost doing something that would probably have been ill advised.

So of course, they catch their murderer (who was smuggling germs, BTW).

Lucifer later tells Chloe he’s giving up, that he just wants things to go back to normal, because he’s been looking at it all wrong–he doesn’t want to prove his worth, because he’s not good enough for her. In getting it somewhat wrong, again, he gets everything right. He rattles off a litany of the wonderful things about Chloe that he can’t possibly be good enough for, and…

Finally, the kiss.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: Stewardess Interruptus