Mini Review: ‘Peppermint’ is short on story, long on action

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Mini Review: ‘Peppermint’ is short on story, long on action

Jennifer Garner is back to kicking ass on the big screen. Riley North, a suburban mom, has her world turned upside-down when a heist that never even happened gets her husband and daughter killed in a drive-by shooting.

Riley’s husband apparently falls afoul of local organized drug crime when he at first agrees to help his friend rob a ruthless boss. He backs out, but the bad guy wants him dead just for thinking about it. That’s when the family is gunned down–just coming out of a local fair. Riley went back for something, and didn’t end up dead.

That’s pretty much the story we get in the film. The rest is the after-training-to-kill-for-five-years Riley going after everyone she feels is responsible for her family’s death. Sound familiar?

It’s too bad we really don’t get a lot of detail on her years of training, but the story acknowledges that a small, block or so part of a formerly high crime area is mysteriously crime free. There’s also an angelic-appearing mural of Riley watching over the neighborhood. Hmm.

If you’re not looking for too much story for your action, you’ll likely appreciate this film. It’s a fun popcorn flick.

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JL JamiesonMini Review: ‘Peppermint’ is short on story, long on action