Mini Review: Serenity

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Serenity (Now!)

Matthew McConaughey plays sorta Captain Ahab and a blonde Anne Hathaway channels Lauren Bacall in one of the most oddball movies (starring two recent Oscar-winners) that I’ve seen in ages. I went in to Serenity literally not knowing anything – is it a farce comedy? skateboard drama? – and found that is the only way to see this film, so, I’ll say nothing that tips you off.

McConaughey is the intense captain of a boat called “Serenity”, and Hathaway is the dangerous old flame who comes a-callin’. Joining the leads are luscious Diane Lane, baddy Jason Clarke and voice of reason Djimon Hounsou, who one can assume flipped a coin over the offer –  hmm, bonkers script vs filming in stunning Mauritius? The idyllic location wins! Also featuring McConaughey’s ass in a supporting role.


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Martina O'BoyleMini Review: Serenity