Music in relation with tribes

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We just find it hilarious how people refer to music as organised chaos. It is one thing that we can say that unites the world as a whole. In as much as people are different, they believe and stand for different things. Music will just make you all come together whether in celebration or in mourning a loved one. This article will explore the goodness of music in tribes and we will teach you what you didn’t know about music.

What music does?

Music has played an important role in the tradition of Africans. When they sing and celebrate in song there is more to it than just that. Spirits are called upon the mediums and the spirits communicate to the people through a person.

But whilst doing this research it came to our attention that the power of music doesn’t have that effect only on African tradition tribes. But a lot more. Let’s take a look at Christianity. They use the same concept whereby people sing and in the midst of the song they have some sort of spirit that enters.

But like we mentioned above that music is one common language that the whole world speaks and understands. Muslims also try to reach out to their God by song. So there is no way that a person can say that they have no relation or they do not like music.

Music is a very important aspect of our lives. Even real money pokies online have music to make them more fun. And it will always be that glue that will hold every nation together. The reason why there are different genres is that they want to accommodate everyone across the globe. The reason why musicians will always play a vital role in our lives is that they have the creativity to communicate their feeling in such a way that one cannot fully explain.



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Garon CockrellMusic in relation with tribes