Music, Our Soul Food

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Music, Our Soul Food

Numerous personalities who sustain their lifestyles through music understand the power and inspiration the melodious instruments instill in our souls. It’s calming and peaceful whether you are having fun with online sports betting or going through a difficult time in your life. Music is food for our souls and it is very contagious just like how one cannot say no to a bar of chocolate. The words of legendary Bob Marley, ‘’One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain.’’

  1. A sense of calmness. Music brings in a sense of calmness in our lives, especially when we are going through grim times. Music is always a great way to get rid of anxiety and stress. In a study which was carried, music has been used in hospital and has helped over 2000 patients suffering from blood pressure and heart problems.
  2. Jovial facial expression. Music has been for so many years used as a celebratory instrument. The sounds from the instrument have the ability to bring positivity and add a lot of fun during celebrations. Even best online casino games have sound and music to keep players more entertained. And when a player wins a jackpot the sound is even more exciting.
  3. Verbal IQ Advance. Spending more time on a piano will help put your mind at ease, this will improve the way you communicate verbally. From the research, it is believed that practising music or listening can also improve cognitive and visual understanding in
  4. Music and Babies. Babies 5 months old can respond to the joy and fun of musical That is why many parents sing their babies to bed through a lullaby. Babies can even dance in a spontaneous way when music is being played or if anyone sings to them beautifully.
  5. When you are sad music can make you happy. “Where words fail, music speaks”- Han Christian Andersen. Music is capable of making someone happy when they are in the doldrums. Listening to music changes our mood even when you are not winning at casino sites. This will lead to a redemptive feeling and our mood will eventually improve.






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Garon CockrellMusic, Our Soul Food