Op/Ed: The Top Xbox Games for Female Gamers 2020

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Just like online casino gaming, Xbox games are usually male centric games. And, it is hard for women to find a game that they can mutually enjoy with their male counterparts. Now, more games are being made for the female audiences just like some best usa online casino games.

But, finding the games may be hard considering they not that many. There here is a list of some of the games that we think female gamers should try out in 2020.

Kingdom Hearts 3

This is the best game if you are into the whole Disney vibe. So, if you choose to play this game, you will get to play the role of Sora. And, you will be helped by Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald the duck and goofy throughout your mission. All you need is a key shaped object that you will be given to fight off the evil.

Stardew Valley

This game will allow you that getaway that you have always wanted.  And, you will be doing that at farm in the outskirts. Also, there are so many things for you to play around with in this fun-packed game. For example, you can get to grow crops, go mine some ore and making money from your farm produce.


This 3D game will allow you the opportunity to map out your own idea of fun. And, there are no limits on the goals that you will get to set for yourself in this game. But, all you need to do is make sure that you build something from the raw materials that you will be given. Some casinos en ligne or online casinos have similar games to Minecraft.

Apex Legends

There is so much action packed for our female gamers in this game. And, if you are into fighting combat battles then you need to start preparing yourself for the best combat battle game in 2020. So, you will have to fight 19 other teams in order for your team to survive. But, you will have to also find the weapons which will be randomly placed in the battlefield.

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Garon CockrellOp/Ed: The Top Xbox Games for Female Gamers 2020