Plucked from the Big Screen: How Franchising Helps Games Developers’ Creativity

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Gaming has been around for as long as the pyramids – okay, well maybe not quite that long, but it’s still been around long enough, in many different variations, to warrant the question: how do developers keep coming up with new, fresh ideas?

Sometimes, the answer is simple: they don’t come up with new ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that you come back to, in a different format. Look at the franchise strategy of the House of Mouse – the behemoth that is Disney. They have a roster of characters and films that make up a franchise. New ones are added every now and then, but for the most part, the success of the franchise comes from the old characters we know and love (Mickey, Donald, Simba, Elsa and Ana etc.). These franchises span merchandise, films, television, live-action events, theme parks, and even food! Games developers are beginning to take a leaf from Walt’s book when it comes to online gaming.

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Franchises are often the cash cow of industry. They’re reliable as to the fan base they draw from, they’re relatable and add the nostalgia factor, while also fresh enough to attract newer fans. Increasingly, games developers are looking to cross over the platforms. The most fitting example of this is the growth in popular culture spreading over to online casinos and slot games. Fans of both games get more bang for their buck by indulging in two of their interests at once, while fans of one can be introduced to the other in a way they find fun and familiar.

Research carried out by Casino UK, which compares the best online casino games, suggests that choosing an online slot theme that a player enjoys – such as a film they enjoyed, or a franchise they are interested in – is the best method for navigating oneself around the world of the online casino.

From Sherlock Holmes to Avatar, Transformers: Age of Cybertron to Star Trek, The Pink Panther to The Mummy, the scope for which film franchises can be transformed successfully into an online slot game is extremely varied. By connecting to the right audience of the franchise, three groups can be targeted at once: fans of both, fans of the franchise, and fans of online gaming. The conversion rate across the platforms allows for fans of one to become a fan of the other, benefiting everyone.

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Research into how we interact with pop culture and technology shows that we enjoy the cross-platform approach to how we digest our pop culture. The success of merchandise shows us that you don’t have to be watching Game of Thrones to feel connected to the show: you could be drinking from a Game of Thrones mug. So why not hop online and play a Game of Thrones-themed slot game?

The link between film and online gaming gives games developers a breath of fresh air when it comes to creating new content. Instead of risky moves with brand new material, by leaning on what fans already know and love, the creativity opens up different avenues of exactly how they can link the film to the online game. So next time you’re at the cinema, you’ll notice the potential of the film that you may one day see as a playable game online.

Pop Culture BeastPlucked from the Big Screen: How Franchising Helps Games Developers’ Creativity