Pop Culture’s Strong Female Leads for the West

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Pop culture’s Strong Female Leads for the West

The ‘strong women’ infamous culture debate is always alive. Some see it a bit problematic and often consider the strong female characters as an irregularity. The truth is that strength occurs in various forms – not only by counting the number of bench presses a woman can do or the number of people she can order around.

When it comes to Pop culture’s strong female leads for the west, a list having some “strong female characters” is mentioned below. Some love to move the world around them and some are not afraid when it comes to speaking their mind. Even if you love to play with online bookmakers in Illinois, we are sure you would love to check out these ultra bad-ass and strong female characters from TV and Film!

The Top Strong Female Leads to inspire you today

Some of the more popular strong female leads today are below.

1.     Leslie Knope

She is a ray of sunshine and warm-hearted type public servant who was destined to dominate the world because she was hard working, endured herself, and believed in her doing. Moreover, she often used to say that she is usually inspired by herself.

2.     Carrie Mathison

In the Homeland, she was not always the best choice and was hard to be liked, but she was fearless and brilliant in her pursuit to protect the country against the homeland’s threat. Furthermore, she was never scared to cry – and her crying face was epic. Crying is not the sign of weakness.

3.     Joan Holloway

In Mad Men, she was the queen bee at different advertising agencies, but it doesn’t mean that her path was easy. Every victory she achieved came after fighting hard, and other reasons why she was victorious include her self-belief, her sass, and her negation to be exploited.

4.     Daria

She was a sardonic, smart and chose not to be one of the mean-girls of her school. She was rather a savior and a balm for the girls not a part of the famous group in school.

5.     Katniss Everdeen

Instead of her sister, she volunteered herself in The Hunger Games. This is a clean selfless courage she depicted. Because of this courage, she became the symbol of revolution for oppressed people.

6.     Hermione Granger

She never made efforts to fade her intelligence for impressing the boys, she always was the first person to raise her hand and use her sharp brain. When it comes to her bravery, she rescued Harry and Ron from all types of pickles.

7.     Lisbeth Salander

In the movie series, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, she was a genius coder, had strong feelings for justice and lived life the way she wanted.

It’s important to have strong representation for female characters in film and television and these are just a few examples of strong powerful women we’ve seen on the screen. Who are some of your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

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Garon CockrellPop Culture’s Strong Female Leads for the West