Preacher Recap: On Your Knees

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Preacher Recap: On Your Knees

Hitler and Eugene land in his Hell, and Hitler encourages Eugene to resist going along with the scenario. It seems he needs to let go of his guilt. Once he does, they’re able to escape.

We see that The Saint spent his time at the bottom of the swamp hating Jesse. He also remembers his family, and being baptized. It just makes him angrier, since Jesse denied him reunion with his family.  The Grail swaps the truck with him in it for an empty one. Another week goes by, and The Grail convinces The Saint to work with them.  They let him loose, presumably to kill Jesse.

“What more do you have to lose?”

Cassidy hides the dog from Denis.

Jesse goes back for Cas and Tulip. The Saint comes back for his weapons and for Jesse. He grabs a steak knife from the kitchen, and after throwing Tulip into a wall, he beats up Cassidy and Jesse. The Grail has done something to prevent The Saint from hearing Genesis. He captures Jesse. The warden of Hell comes to collect The Saint, and tells Jesse he’s lucky Herr Starr is looking after him.

Cassidy and Tulip go away in an ambulance…but the ambulance takes them to The Grail.

The Pope announces that God is gone, and that a Messiah is coming.

“His head’s at a funny angle.”

Cassidy and Tulip go back to Jesse, and they talk to him about Starr. Jesse is thinking about cooperating with Starr, because if man-dog was God, he might not be worth finding. Cas and Tulip look like they want to abandon Jesse if he cooperates.

The Saint goes back to Hell. Hitler and Eugene continue their escape.

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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: On Your Knees