Preacher Recap: Schwanzkopf S03E09

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Preacher Recap: Schwanzkopf

So, we left off with Hitler, Arseface, the Saint and Featherstone waiting for the bus to Hell, and Jesse chained to a machine the Grail were using to remove Genesis. Cassidy had also discovered that Eccarius was up to no good.

‘The light upon the world’

The Grail brings in the original Humperdoo for the transfer. Jesse gets loose, and after nearly getting crushed to death by His Holy Bulk, Jesse finally takes out the Allfather. By transferring Genesis into him. Now there is Allfather everywhere.

The Express Bus to Hell arrives, but Tulip arrives too. She tells Sidney the case is meant for Grandma, Satan’s friend. She was about to rescue Featherstone, when Arseface identifies her as Tulip, and Sidney takes her on the bus instead.

Cassidy confronts Eccarius about the killing. They fight. Eccarius tries to seduce Cassidy again, but Cas would rather die. Eccarius knocks him out.

Starr compliments Jesse for taking out the Allfather. They find his soul in the guts, and grapple over it. Jesse gets his soul, and Genesis back. Starr tells Jesse the apocalypse is coming.

‘Missiles will fly.’

Starr tells Jesse of the plans the Grail had at making the world either follow Humperdoo or burn in nuclear war. Jesse wants nothing to do with it, or with Starr.

On the Express to Hell, Tulip wants to get off. She’s not having a lot of luck. Her, Eugene and Hitler try to cook up a plan to get off the bus, while the Saint isn’t too pleased to find out from Sidney that Tulip  and Eugene aren’t dead. Apparently, this is against the ‘rules’.

Jody guilts Featherstone for leaving Tulip. Featherstone leaves the souls with him and leaves to find Starr.

Eccarius tells his followers that Cassidy killed Hoover (he didn’t, he got away last episode), and that he must be made an example of.

‘Custer, you maniac!’

Instead of killing the original Humperdoo, Jesse dresses him like the clones, and sets them all loose on the street.

Hoover goes back to the Grail?  That doesn’t sound promising.

Tulip tries to break a window on the bus by taunting the Saint, getting him to throw her against the window.

The Enfants stake Cassidy to a pool table, and they talk about putting him in the sun. This doesn’t look too good. When they leave the room, Cassidy asks the nerd’s Mother to call the flown vampires, knowing that she’ll discover the truth.

Hitler’s friend comes through, and manages to stop the bus.

Grandma knows Jesse’s coming to kill her.

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