Review: The Regrettes in Cleveland, Ohio

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My little sister once tweeted: God is a Woman, and her name is Lydia Night. The tweet was favorited by Night, as well as Dylan Minnette and countless Regrettes “stans.” This proves just how true it is, as well as exactly why you should catch The Regrettes next time they’re in your city.

The Regrettes took their How Do You Love? Tour to Cleveland, just days before their album of the same name was released. The album perfectly captures the highs and lows of being in love and being a teenager in this ever-changing world. Well-loved singles of the past, such as “California Friends” and “Pumpkin,” are mixed in with all new power anthems such as my personal favorite, “More Than a Month.” Listening to the album in order, you can almost make a story out of it — ending in the title track as we are reminded just how hard it can be to show authentic love. 

Too often, I feel that The Regrettes status as a punk rock band is overlooked. They’re often associated with talented indie acts — such as Wallows or Clairo — but there is definitely more of a punch to The Regrettes. This shows not only in their stage presence, but their lyrical content. What we have on our hands is undoubtedly a modern, female-fronted punk band. Sure, we have our share of love songs, but feminism is no stranger to their music in tunes such as Seashore or A Living Human Girl. This balance between being in love and being angry at the world makes for a unique and exhilarating listening experience. 

The audience was often brought into the show, in a way that was so corny you had to love it. At one point, we were down on our knees before jumping up in unison, a classic concert activity. But other parts encouraged a group therapy session of sorts — allowing the crowd to scream their frustrations away. I even saw fans doing the signature dance from the “I Dare You” music video.

With this new album under their belt — in addition to Feel Your Feelings, Fool in 2017 — I am anxiously awaiting their inevitable viral success. They recently performed the aforementioned single I Dare You on Good Morning America, their signature bright colors and Nights heart makeup gracing television audiences. One can only hope that more opportunities like this arise, and The Regrettes solidify a presence in the modern punk and alternative scene. 

Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be calling my local radio stations asking them to play I Dare You.

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Hannah WilsonReview: The Regrettes in Cleveland, Ohio