Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom Gets Slick Looking Trailers

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Up until a few days ago, I had never heard of Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom. Then I saw these trailers and it’s got my attention.

From what I’ve been able to put together,it seems like it plays like a more action-focused Jade Empire with some environmental puzzles. Pretty cool idea with some beautiful art direction behind it, if you ask me.

Currently only slated for PC (I know, boo), Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom is looking really great. I hope the game itself plays as well it looks because, hot damn, does it look pretty. It’s set to release this year, so hopefully we don’t have long to wait.

shiness-08 shiness-07 shiness-05 shiness-06

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Jason ArriolaShiness: The Lighting Kingdom Gets Slick Looking Trailers