Strikers Edge, Award-winning Fantasy Dodgeball Game Comes to E3

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Fun Punch Games, winners of the Playstation Awards Portugal and part of the Playstation Talents program, are attending their first E3 Expo in LA this year. They will be part of the Playstation Talents showcase and will be showing their game Strikers Edge, an “action-packed, online multiplayer ranged combat game, where you play as an ancient warrior.” That is straight from the press release, but I think it is much better described as a fantasy-themed dodgeball game full of special powers and RPG elements. It is best explained by this teaser trailer:

Strikers Edge will see its first public appearance, with new layouts and gameplay modes at E3. The game has evolved from a Game Jam project by two men to an award winning, full feature game complete with an online mode that is by run by a full development team of six people.


Strikers Edge features:

  • 8 unique strikers, representing distinct warriors, each with his own weapon, abilities, stats and playstyle

  • Intense ranged combat across 4 different arenas, each one with its perks and hazards

  • 1vs1 and 2vs2 intense multiplayer combats

  • Online and local multiplayer modes

  • Ranked online ladder to climb and dominate

  • 8bit pixel art style

  • Unlockable skins and weapons




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Joe PortesStrikers Edge, Award-winning Fantasy Dodgeball Game Comes to E3