The New “Among Us” map: What You Need to Know

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Innersloth’s Among Us. One of the most popular games of 2020, it has most certainly left an impact on the world, dominating streamers’ screens for months, inspiring fanfiction, and even being hacked. On March 31st, however, the game will be entering a new stage in its’ saga; the release of the well hyped airship map. Heavily inspired by the company’s Henry Stickman series, it has fans waiting in anticipation for the map’s release.

But what do we know of this new map? Plenty, actually. We’ve had quite a few screenshots, and even a trailer for the map, which of as this date, has 16 million views on the Innersloth channel. You can view said trailer here.

A sneak peak of the map from the trailer.

Apart from the map, the game will also receive multiple updates. These range from the minor, a few new hats for players to wear during the game, to a new chat feature known as quick chat, allowing for quicker responses.

Another game changer is the new ability to pick which room you start in, at least for the airship. Previously, all players started in the same place, but with this new feature, the update cements itself as a game changer.

One of the games’ signature “tasks”.

Not all of the secrets of the game have been revealed just yet, however. New tasks have been promised for the update, and with the exception of one or two seen in the trailer, it seems like Innersloth is hoping to keep them a surprise for the new update.

The new update is coming soon, and with it, tons of new features, and the potential for the game to rise even higher.

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Aidan MasonThe New “Among Us” map: What You Need to Know