The Top Reasons 2019 Is Going to Be Amazing for Pop Culture

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We sailed through the year 2018 hoping against hope that 2019 will have some really exciting things in store for us!

And yes, 2019 might be kind of awesome for some very plausible reasons. With so much new awaiting us and with some really good events in pop culture, the new year can bring in some divine love.

If you are wondering how pop music and legal online poker are going to gain popularity this year, read on.

A Pokémon to sound like Ryan Reynolds?

Pokémon other than having fur, Pikachu, also my favorite cartoon character can have a voiceover and dubbing by Ryan Reynolds. Doesn’t that sound great?

The End of Big Bang theory with a bang!

Whether you love it or not, it’s going to come to an end. It was sort of a living nightmare that made us also bang our heads. Will Raj finally get his Simran? Will Sheldon win the Noble Prize? Will Penny have a baby? There are so many things we still want to know – and its all going to be answered this year.

Lady Gaga at the Oscars

Lady Gaga is a fun element in herself. With never anything boring to her name, be it her dress, her make-up or her make-overs, even her facelifts, everything is astounding about her.

So, make sure for some fun drama at the Oscars.

Lady Birds Reuniting for Little Women

One of the best childhood novels and happy reads, Little Women makes homecoming again.

Louisa May Alcott’s, ‘Little Women’ is every girl’s love. Lady Birds give us some happy news by uniting once again for little women.

Jordan Peele’s 2019

If Jordan Peele’s 2017 was good, this would be great. Also, Love craft and Twilight Zone as a popular pop culture.

Star War’s, Galaxy Edge:

Getting ourselves tickets to explode at Star War’s Galaxy edge and splurging, gurgling and burgling. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Guava Island with Rihanna

Maybe Rihanna might be selling Guava’s there, but this one is sure to turn some heads with Rihanna as a major highlight!

Tom Hanks in a New Avatar

This is surely going to rick, as Tim hanks will be seen as Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

Downton Abbey

This will rock country fashion with some exquisite fashion sense and old school chic.

The Game of Thrones ending?

Who will rule the throne in the end?

HBO, pls answer our questions. Enough is Enough!

The News from Kensington Place

One of the most awaited news the Royal Baby to be born. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are waiting for their bundle of joy!

Tessa Thompson as the ‘Woman in Black’

Men In Black International will have Tessa Thompson wearing a black suit.

What a sight!

Together with Chris Hemsworth. The Instagram pic captioned as, ‘Buds In Black’ for Men In Black was really awesome.

The year is going to open new doors to the popular pop cauldron. Wait for more.

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Pop Culture BeastThe Top Reasons 2019 Is Going to Be Amazing for Pop Culture