The Trend for Bigger and More Elaborate Events

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During the early days of social media, it was a reflection of life. People would post about what was going on in their day to day world and that became the content for social media platforms. Now things have come full circle and we find that social media itself now drives pop culture trends. When a new idea or type of post goes viral, it’s soon sweeping the globe and being replicated in even bigger ways. One of the hot trends in events is the Showtime effect. From kid’s birthday parties to marriage proposals, the events are flashier and far more elaborate than ever before. Everything is produced for social media and, like a miniature Hollywood production; it’s costing quite a lot of money.

Recent college graduates are refinancing their student loans to save money for their future life events. With these new loans, monthly payments are far lower and people can save thousands of dollars over the term of the loan. Other people are taking on second jobs to fund elaborate proposals and some go as far as taking out a huge personal loan just to throw the birthday party of all birthday parties! Whether you have the money to spend right now or you’re thinking of ways to get access to quick cash, you might get inspiration from the new trends in event planning.

Bespoke Birthday Parties

Parents always want to give their children the best, and kid’s birthday parties have become big productions. Event planners work with parents to come up with unique ideas and then provide a full range of services, from design and decorations to entertainment. The days of parties at Chuck E Cheese are fading away! There are elaborate themes and parties are held in expensive rental locations. Even the brand new babies get big birthdays. It’s estimated that 11 percent of parents spend over $500 on their child’s first birthday.

Marriage Proposals

It’s not just about destination weddings any more. One of the latest trends is destination proposals. Couples fly off to a new place and that will forever become their proposal city. Family is often invited along for the surprise so it becomes an expensive event for everyone. Proposal photographers are booked several months in advance to capture every moment on camera. Even if you have carefully planned everything, have the perfect moment all set up and the proposal photographer hiding nearby, something can always come up.

Baby Gender Reveal Events

When two technologies come together, you often get interesting results. Take the case of sonograms and social media. Couples expecting a child now often host elaborate gender reveal parties complete with expensive stunts and locations for the reveal. As with any social media trend things skyrocketed as new ideas spread across the globe. Parents came up with increasingly dramatic and expensive ways to share the reveal, from skydiving to exploding baseballs of pink or blue at a major or minor league field. Some parents even set up betting pools so family can wager money on which way the reveal will go.

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Garon CockrellThe Trend for Bigger and More Elaborate Events