Top 10 Educational Technology Trends 2019

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Top 10 Educational Technology Trends 2019

The number of technology tools being produced for use in the classroom is growing every single year. Majority of educators have embraced technology in the classroom because it has made their work easier. Technology has also been a huge motivator for students.

It inspires and engages them more than traditional teaching methods. Another important thing about technology is how it personalizes education. Trends in educational technology have improved learning and retention rates.

For a number of years now, the main aim of education has been to match students with the right information at the right time. And technology has made it possible. Majority of educational institutions have embraced technology in ways we have never witnessed before. Today, we are going to discuss the ten major technological trends in education. These trends will completely change the face of education and the lives of students and teachers. Let’s get started!

1.    Smartboards
Smartboards are digital white boards that have put an end to the tiresome chore of dusting erasers. They have enabled classrooms across the world to stay up and utilize technological advances. Smartboards have engaged both students and teachers equally.

They accommodate different learning styles which is great for both teachers and students. Tactile, audio and visual learners can learn easily using smartboards. As smartboard prices continue dropping in 2019, we expect more schools to invest in them.

2.    Augmented and virtual reality
Augmented reality and virtual reality have been reported to improve comprehension and retention rates of students compared to the traditional classroom setting.

Virtual reality helps students gain practical experience that would be available in the traditional classroom setting. These practical experiences have been reported to raise retention rates up to ninety percent. The transformation power of both technologies is expected to grow in 2019.

3.    Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence continues to excel in the education sector due to the fact that it personalizes instruction and streamlines it. Machine learning is one of the emerging trends in educational technology. It evaluates the performance and competencies of a student, offers custom essay writing services if you need persuasive essay topics, analyzes the weak areas and presents supporting evidence.

Artificial intelligence has made teachers’ work in class easier thus giving them more time to focus on the students. Artificial intelligence services are personalized, budget-friendly and adaptive.

4.    Blockchain technology
The Distributed Ledger Technology that is used to create virtual currencies like Bitcoin has made things easier in the educational sector. The one advantage of blockchain technology is how transparent and decentralized it really is.

These two characteristics have made it difficult for hackers to infiltrate and use the information. Schools are using blockchain technology because its budget-friendly and secure.

5.    Learning analytics
Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter use learning analytics to improve data and optimize their sales. Educational institutions are also using learning analytics to improve learning.

When students interact with technological devices online, they leave digital footprints which helps teachers follow the path that shows how their students learn best. Learning analytics is a new field in the education sector that is expected to grow in 2019.

6.    Adaptive learning
Most technological trends in the education sector support adaptive learning. Adaptive learning has enhanced personalized learning by adapting to the resources and instructions of students.

Adaptive learning technology uses algorithms to test a students’ level and depth of understanding thus guiding the teacher. Students no longer have to study concepts they already understand.

7.    Generation Z
Generation Z is the generation after millennials. This generation has grown with technological devices around them. Students from this generation will start appearing anywhere from 2019. With their active online presence, you can expect changes in the education sector.

8.    Inclusion
Technology in the education sector will be more inclusive. Students will be able to access devices easily and connect with each other on a global scale. Changes have already started happening to make technology inclusive in 2019.

9.    Digital security
With students and teachers migrating to technological devices, you can expect an increase in cybercrimes. Digital security is one of the top priorities in 2019 that will help protect information. The best thing learning institutions can do to prevent cybercrimes is backing up information regularly and keeping their devices clean.

10. 5G technology
5G technology is in its early stages of implementation now; however, it is expected to be better in every way compared to 4G. This will improve communication not only in learning institutions but also in most industries across the world.

Technology has made most aspects of our lives easier including learning. Long gone are the days when textbooks were the main method of learning. Today, keyboarding skills are replacing hand writing. It’s very important for students to learn how to use technological devices from an early age to avoid learning delays and inconveniences.

With the rapid advancement of technology, we expect more trends in education 2019 and the years to come. The trends discussed above are some of the most crucial tends that will improve how education is transmitted.

Remember, technology is a great tool. Let’s use technology to enhance our lives. Using technology properly and moderately will enable you to achieve your goals.


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