TWIN TURBO – “Legends Of Tomorrow” Star Drops Directorial Debut

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Caity Lotz really said, “You guys are in a crisis, I’m on my way.” The “Legends of Tomorrow” star saw the state of the world (and my own personal mental health) and made the  decision to finally post her short film “Twin Turbo” to the public. Lotz posted on her twitter account: “The beautiful thing about being an artist is being able to entertain people and bring them some joy, especially in times like this.”

The short is Lotz’s directorial debut, although her episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” aired a few weeks ago. With those two projects alone, Lotz is already showing a unique and fun voice as a director. She clearly uses her experience as a stunt person to full effect in her action scenes.

You can view the film here. It is posted below as well. Happy viewing!

TWIN TURBO from caity Lotz on Vimeo.

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Kate GrahamTWIN TURBO – “Legends Of Tomorrow” Star Drops Directorial Debut