Video Game Gambling: Bringing Console Games Into The Casino

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Video Game Gambling: Bringing Console Games Into The Casino

GameCo aren’t the first company to attempt to combine video games and casino gambling. In the past we’ve had various slot machines themed around popular console titles, such as Call of Duty and Tomb Raider, but never before have we had the amalgamation of the two that the new phenomenon dubbed ‘video game gambling’ provides.

Whilst these titles aren’t getting as much hype as the newest slot machines, the big draw here is that all the games contain an element of skill. The better you are at the video game element the more cash you can extract from the machine.

In GameCo’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day game players immerse themselves into the T2 universe playing as a T1000 that’s been programmed to take out T800’s and naturally save the human race. The more T800’s you can take down and CPU’s you can collect the more cash you’ll be rewarded by the game. You fight across different areas, with 60 seconds in each, and the more kills you can gather the higher up the pay ladder you’ll move.

Obviously, the amount of money you can win depends on your original stake amount but the game offers jackpots, if you can finish all robots in a certain area, as big as 25x your initial stake amount. Some games are also tied together and offer progressive jackpots.

Editor and chief, David Simpson, over at had this to say when asked about the introduction of these new skill based games into the market…

‘Video game gambling machines definitely pose a threat to traditional casino games which will be forced to introduce more player interaction if they’re to hold players attention. However slow uptake on these games might indicate that the console aspect doesn’t appeal to the mass market. Regardless anyone who trialled them at G2E couldn’t help but be impressed by what was on offer.’

Other video game machines in GameCo’s current range include the immensely popular SoulCaliber 2 a fighting game first developed by Namco for the SEGA, Nothin’ But Net 2, The Secret Temple, Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream, Twisted Worlds and The Fruit Frenzy’s Celebration.

The games are clearly aimed at bringing a new, younger, audience into the casino. One that might be put off by the stigma attached to playing slots or traditional table games. GameCo are even turning to console players, such as Tekken veteran Wayne ‘WayGamble’ Gamble, to promote and test their products and you can’t help but feel if they can get exposure to the right audience they’re products will have definite appeal.

If you want to try your hand at any of these new video game gambling machines then you’re going to struggle. Currently adoption is low but you will find them at the Tropicana AC, Borgata, Foxwoods and a couple of more random destinations such as casinos in Chile and the Virgin Islands.

Alongside GameCo, Konami, are also constructing their own offering in the market place and their Frogger game can be found in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Gambit also have skill based titles live at Planet Hollywood.

It remains to be seen whether Las Vegas, or any other land-based betting hub like New Jersey will adopt GameCo’s vision but there’s little doubt that online casinos will keen to start stocking these titles once the games transition to the online platform – surely it’s a match made in heaven.

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Garon CockrellVideo Game Gambling: Bringing Console Games Into The Casino