Something for the Kids: The Watchman’s Canoe

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Light Dancing Productions is getting Oregon into the movie business with The Watchman’s Canoe

Streaming or buying the family-friendly The Watchman’s Canoe not only supports an independent filmmaker, it is feeding the burgeoning film business in Southern Oregon. Watchman's Canoe

The Watchman’s Canoe is a sweet film with a great message of inclusion.  Jett, a girl of mixed Caucasian and Indigenous descent, struggles with these two labels, and is harassed by the boys (and occasionally the teachers) at her new school.  A visit from a distant cousin and meeting a local “watchman” set Jett off on a spiritual journey into  the world of Native American story and belief. The film addresses what it is to find your way in the world, and digs into the ramifications of bullying, making it a timely, noteworthy film for families to watch together. Plus, it looks beautiful, thanks to Director Barri Chase and Director of Photography, A.J. Young.

The residents of Coos Bay, Oregon, and the surrounding communities were the main backers for this low-budget feature. Led by producer/ writer Chase, herself a native Oregonian, The Watchman’s Canoe took advantage of local generosity and investment, the gorgeous coastal scenery and the eager talent pool to create this intimate adventure movie.  Starring  Roger  Willie  (Windtalkers)  and  Adam  Beach  (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, WindtalkersFlags  of  Our  Fathers), the  film  introduces  locals Kiri Goodson, who is lovely as Jett, Carter Jon Edwards  and Matthew  Johnson.

Purchase The Watchman’s Canoe here:   Amazon   also on iTunes    or at

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