Who are the highest paid MMA fighters in 2020?

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Who are the highest paid MMA fighters in 2020?

The vast majority of mixed martial arts fighters live a hand to mouth existence grinding out paychecks from fights with small-time promotions. Even MMA fighters lucky enough to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship are not guaranteed to become rich and famous. In spite of the UFC making money hand over fist, only the company’s top fighters get paid the big bucks. UFC 251 is fast approaching and an opportunity for elite fighters to earn even more money in the world of MMA. Before UFC 251’s Kamaru Usman versus Gilbert Burns welterweight title fight, you can register using the William Hill Promo Code before betting on the fighter, you predict will win.

Although the area in which high earner is small, there are some very well-off MMA competitors. With the year half over, here is a look at the highest paid MMA fighters in 2020.

  1. Michael Bisping ($7.1 million)

Although MMA fighter Michael Bisping retired from the sport in 2018, he continues to make a great deal of money as an analyst and commentator. Bisping debuted in UFC in 2006 and earned $20,000 for his first-ever fight for the company. He recorded a 30-9 record in the octagon but was forced into retirement following an eye injury in his last bout versus Kevin Gastelum. UFC fans are debating which rising star in MMA will win at UFC 251, Usman or Burns. Fans can get a bet bonus with DIAB and wager on the fighter they predict will win the welterweight title fight.

  1. Anderson Silva ($8.1 million)

Now 45, Anderson Silva is still under contract with UFC where he last competed in May 2019. Silva remains one of the highest paid MMA fighters in the world thanks to his long success as middleweight champion. The fighter debut in UFC in 2006 at Fight Night 5. He scored a cool $66,000 for that debut bout. By the time Silva got to his fourth bout, he was raking in six-figures.

  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov ($8.6 million)

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the rising stars of MMA and is believed to be instore for a mega-payday fight versus Floyd Mayweather in the future in a cross-over boxing match. Khabib is one of the UFC’s toughest fighters and continues to make a name for himself in the octagon. His most recent fight came at UFC 242 against Dustin Poirier and saw him move to 28-0 in MMA.

  1. Alistair Overeem ($9.8 million)

Alistair Overeem didn’t just make his living in UFC. The Dutchman fought for a variety of promotions throughout his career as both an MMA battler and kickboxer. Overeem is one of just two fighters to simultaneously hold world championships in both kickboxing and MMA.

  1. Conor McGregor ($15.2 million)

Was there any question which MMA fighter was the highest paid of the lot? Conor McGregor has been the brightest star in the world of MMA since bursting onto the scene at UFC on Fuel TV: Mousasi vs Latifi. McGregor earned just $8,000 for the fight but due to his performance, received bonuses for having the best bout. In all, he earned $76,000 for the first match and hasn’t looked back. McGregor’s mouth is one of his biggest selling points and why so many fans have wanted to watch him battle in the octagon.

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Pop Culture BeastWho are the highest paid MMA fighters in 2020?