5 Awesome Gift Ideas for a Pop Culture Fanatic

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5 Awesome Gift Ideas for a Pop Culture Fanatic

Are you looking for a relevant gift for the pop culture fanatic in your life? Even if you don’t follow pop culture, if you know some of the shows, music or movies your loved one is into, it isn’t very hard to find something personalized that will make them smile. The pop culture fanatic in your life is bound to appreciate any of the gifts below.

Pop! Figures

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have seen a Pop! figure. Each of the Pop! figures, also known to fans as Funko Pops, are small figurines that are related to pop culture. You can find a figure relating to almost any pop culture music, movie or tv show that you can imagine, making this an effortless gift that can last a lifetime. Some pop culture fanatics even collect these figures and keep them in their boxes (so be careful when wrapping). Some figures are worth more than others and some characters have more than one figure. Currently standing, there are over 8,000 figures available, meaning you are bound to find a great gift for your loved one.

Clothing Ideas

If your loved one is a true fanatic, they will love any clothing that represents their favorite characters or games. There is a t-shirt or hoodie out there for any preference, meaning you really are spoilt for choice. If you want to provide an even more personalized gift, why not make a t-shirt yourself? This way you can add all their favorite characters and quotes onto one t-shirt, making for the ultimate gift. If you want to show your loved one you listen to what they say and care about their passions, check out this handy t-shirt buyer’s guide.

Light it Up

One of the main gift ideas around pop culture includes lights or neon signs relating to popular tv shows, bands or movies. Many people enjoy decorating with lighting, making this the perfect house gift. Below are some great lighting gift ideas:

  • Mario: if your loved one enjoys the Mario games, you can find light-up figures of all the characters, including a star or mushroom projection light
  • Dungeons and Dragons: for any D&D fans out there, you can find a light-up D20 light, which is a dice used within the game
  • Rick and Morty: this TV show is super popular at the moment and with a new season recently out, any fanatic of this show would appreciate a portal gun light
  • Harry Potter: still one of the most talked-about movies series in the world, Harry Potter fans will marvel at a light-up wand or a Golden Snitch light
  • Zelda: for the old-school gamers out there, the Legend of Zelda fans have their own cool lighting fixtures, such as a master sword lamp
  • Friends: whilst filmed in the 1990s, Friends is still one of the most viewed shows in the world. You can find neon Central Perk signs which would make a great addition to any bedroom

Most of the above lighting ideas can be found on Firebox.


Another simple gift idea that will go a long way is a pop culture mug. Again, there are plenty to choose from here, so you really are spoilt for choice. If your loved one is a big coffee or tea drinker, a mug is a gift that can be used again and again, or they may even want to display it proudly on their shelf. If they love all things Disney, try the Disney store for some super cute mugs. As Star Wars is practically owned by Disney, this is a good place to look if you want some superb Star Wars merch.

The Coolest Tech

If the pop culture fanatic in your life also loves the latest tech, look no further. There are some great gift ideas here featuring some of the most popular pop culture characters including:

  • Power banks
  • Alarm clocks
  • Talking figures
  • Headphones and speakers

If you need some inspiration simply search for their favorite characters followed by any of the above and you are bound to find some tech gifts that are totally relatable. Some of the best websites to look for personalized items such as this include Amazon and Etsy.

Give your pop culture fanatical friend or partner a gift they will really love this year, with these five awesome gift ideas to get you started.

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Pop Culture Beast5 Awesome Gift Ideas for a Pop Culture Fanatic