Australian Survivor 2018 Week 8: Don’t Get Too Comfortable

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Survivor AU TC

Survivor AU TC

Week 8 of Australian Survivor 2018 might just be the best week of the season thus far. The two episodes from this week were both entertaining and fun to watch, with both episode having a satisfying end result. With only nine people left, anything can happen in the game. For this week, this was certainly the case.

Overall Thoughts
I enjoyed both episodes from this week. While I enjoyed Episode 18 a little more, Episode 17 wasn’t too far behind. These were two well edited episodes, which is something the US show struggles to do now. There’s a lot to talk about here.

Stand Out Contestants

Survivor AU Sharn

Sharn retrieving a hidden immunity idol.

Sharn stood out again this week, mostly in Episode 17. During the episode, she found yet another message. The message said that another idol was now hidden. Unlike previous idol finds, Sharn would have to look for it during the immunity challenge near the last portion of the challenge. In that portion, the remaining contestants in the challenge had to get five snooker balls into their holes. Under the orange snooker table, there was an idol waiting for Sharn. Sharn didn’t make it to the last portion of the challenge. Instead, Benji won immunity. While everyone else was congratulating Benji, Sharn was able to get away and retrieve the idol from under the snooker table. While running back to her tribe, the idol fell out of her pocket- with everyone watching. Last week, Sharn made the decision to get an advantage for herself in a immunity challenge- which ended up paying off considering she won. With this week, Sharn wasn’t as lucky. More about that idol a little later.

Survivor AU Brian immunity

Brian won the immunity challenge in Episode 18.

Of the seven people remaining, Brian has been impressing me this week. I mentioned him last week, in that the guy was shown to be this odd fellow from time to time. Last week, he had me laughing when he decided to wash himself in front of the entire tribe. This week, Brian has shown he’s in this game to win it. He decided to join an alliance with Benji, Fenella, Shonee and Monika in order to take Mat out in Episode 17- which I’ll get back to later. In Episode 18, he was able to find an idol at the location of the reward and win the immunity challenge.

Brian AU Survivor

Brian relieves himself during a challenge.

Brian did leave time for laughs this week. During the reward challenge before diving into the ocean, Brian announced to everyone that he had to pee. Right then and there, Brian relieved himself by urinating from the platform into the ocean. This brings back memories of Nicaragua (Season 21), in which eventual winner Jud “Fabio” Birza urinated in the ocean during a challenge- grossing out Jeff Probst and everyone else. Much like Fabio, Brian could laugh his way to the finals if he’s able to play his cards right.

I’m still liking Fenella, Shonee, and Shane but for this week- I think Sharn and Brian have been standing out the most.

Favorite Challenge
Survivor AU immunityMy favorite challenge from this week was the immunity challenge from Episode 18- Balls Up. In the challenge, contestants must stand on a platform- where they will hold a disc. With the disc, the contestants must try and keep their ball bouncing for as long as they can. Last one standing wins immunity.

Earlier this season, I mentioned how the challenges are much better than the US version. While I still stand by that, I can’t help but notice the challenges this season are not as creative as the ones from 2017. Nevertheless, the Aussies have been giving us a good variety of challenges. When it comes to the US version, it almost feels as if every challenge ends in a puzzle. The same can be said be said about the Aussies but at least they try challenges that the US version used to do.

Voted Off

Mat AU Survivor idol

Mat showing his unplayed idol after being voted off

After a chaotic Tribal Council, Mat Rogers was voted off in Episode 17- becoming the third member of the jury. Before the votes were read, Sharn decided to play her hidden immunity idol- which everyone had seen from before. However, she decided to play it for Mat. This made Benji worried, as he was trying to vote out Mat. Right there at Tribal, Benji told Sharn to play the idol for herself. Sharn listened to Benji and did just that. After a 5-4 vote, Mat was voted off. What makes this more outrageous is that Mat had his own idol, given to him by Moana earlier in the game. After seeing what happened between Sharn and Benji, Mat could’ve played his idol- saving himself and eliminating Brian instead. The reason why the former pro rugby player was voted off is fairly simple: he was too strong. Had he made it to the final two, he probably would’ve won against anybody.

Benji AU Suvivor idol

Even after being voted off with an idol in his pocket, Benji is all smiles here.

In Episode 18, Benji Wilson was voted off and became the fourth member of the jury. Before the vote, Shonee decided to play her vote stealing advantage that she won from the Survivor Auction. She decided to take Sharn’s vote away, giving Shonee an extra vote. This resulted in a tie, with the votes tied 4-4 between Benji and Sharn. In the revote, Benji was voted off after a 5-1 vote. Much like Mat, Benji was a threat. The 26 year old entrepreneur has been one of the most notorious players this season, telling lies left and right. Most of the other former Champions were sad to see Mat go. In a way to get back at Benji, Shane tried get the Champions back together to vote out Benji. Brian and Monika had voted with the former Contenders- Benji, Fenella and Shonee. It wasn’t really known whether the two would flip back to the Champions. Before Tribal Council, Benji went to Brian- telling Brian that Sharn was trying to gun for him. Brian was confused by this, given that Brian had won immunity. Why would Sharn want to vote for someone who is immune? With that, Benji was busted.

Like Mat before him, Benji also had an idol- which he decided not to play. So yes: the two boots this week walked out with an idol in their pocket. Mat and Benji each felt they were in a comfortable position. They felt so comfortable that they didn’t think to play their idols. This is something refreshing to see now in Survivor, especially when it comes to the US version- which has more or less become a treasure hunt.

Final thoughts
Overall, I really enjoyed these last two episodes. There are now seven contestants remaining. In about two weeks, one of them will be crowned the title of Sole Survivor.

See you all next week!

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Aaron ConnAustralian Survivor 2018 Week 8: Don’t Get Too Comfortable