Banksy’s Latest Prank

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Banksy shred

Banksy Destroys His Million Dollar Art at Auction

Beasts, this is bizarre. As we post this, the details are limited, and if Banksy is involved, they will stay that way. But yesterday in London, as a framed piece of art from the notorious and anonymous street artist was sold – for over a million (currency mostly irrelevant at this level) – as “The Girl With Balloon”,was taken from the auction dais to return to the administrative backstage bit at Sotheby’s – Sotheby’s, you guys, big time auctioneers, like proper grown up stuff – it spontaneously shredded itself.

Photo pinched from the Daily Mail site, I’ll try to find the credit…

Banksy art shred

what the whaaaa? Banksy you prankster!

Gasps in the room

So, Sotheby’s. Not sure exactly how, but just after the final gavel, out of nowhere the frame started shredding “Girl”. Yes, gasps all around, but no one could stop it (a remote trigger seems to have been used). Purchased for just over 1 million British pounds – about 1,350,000 million US, and then, bzzzzzzz. The buyer was an unidentified (to the public) bidder, via telephone. Not sure if he heard the noise.

However – outlets are reporting that (quickly consulted) art experts are saying that this stunt may have actually doubled the value of “The Girl With Balloon” because of the huge interest.

Reports say the Senior Director of Sotheby’s, who surely has not ever had a day at work like this one, Alex Branczik,  said: “It appears we just got Banksy-ed.” Way to laugh it off, Alex.

Also nonchalant was the artist himself: posting a picture of the moment on Instagram, Banksy wrote: ‘Going, going, gone…’

Branczik , possibly sweating profusely, said: “We have talked with the successful purchaser who was surprised by the story. We are in discussion about next steps.”

It is not known who the successful bidder of the shredded painting is

Oh Banksy, this is something.

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Martina O'BoyleBanksy’s Latest Prank