Best First Person Shooter Games Out In The Market Right Now

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Best First Person Shooter Games Out In The Market Right Now

When it comes to playing video games, both as a hobby and professionally as an Esports athlete, especially now that there are online platforms that allow fans to bet on Esports, choosing the right style of game to play can become a pivotal decision. While some people are more into the whole adventure style gaming experiences, others like to get down with sports related games and others like fantasy themed games. But if there’s one style of video gaming I think we can all agree on being at the top of all popularity lists, it’s FPS (First Person Shooter) games. From the classics like GoldenEye 007, to COD and HALO, there is nothing more thrilling than sitting down and getting down to a good FPS gaming session.

While there are plenty of FPS games to go around and never get tired of, here are our choices for the best first person shooter games out in the market right now. So read up, get your ammo ready and get to playing.

Escape From Tarkov

Ever since debuting in 2017, the Nikita Buyanov designed and Battlestate Games’ FPS produced Escape From Tarkov has become a crowd favorite with misery, tense situations and equal doses of brain power as well as great fighting and shooting skills all required in order to succeed. With Escape From Tarkov, players are dealt with one of the toughest and most exciting hardcore style survival-shooter games with players having to complete missions, retrieve loots and extract weapons, equipment and other bounties while trying their best not to be killed by opposing players as well as game managed factions. Funny tidbit about the game, if you are killed at any moment during the game, all the equipment, weapons and bounties you have with you will automatically be lost, so yeah, fun times ensured.

But what makes Escape From Tarkov so good? Easy, the attention to detail that Battlestate has put towards making this game a FPS classic for all fans. Their complex weapons system which allows players to customize every element in their guns and weapons before raids is one of the most popular elements in the game, allowing competitors to go into raids and battles with weapons as crazy as they can only imagine. If there is a game where every second counts as well as every decision made by a player, this is it, because your life in the game depends on any and every decision you make.

Apex Legends

If you’ve ever gotten down with FPS classic Titanfall as well Titanfall 2, then you most likely have played or should be on your way to playing Apex Legends. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and EA in 2019, this game made its way quietly into FPS gaming fans’ hearts and became an instant classic and smash hit all around. Apex Legends is the best option for people who like the battle royal style of fighting game but without having to always come back to games like Fortnite. Yes, it does offer options like creating your own unique character with special abilities and personalities and the typical fast-paced gunplay that made its relative game Titanfall so popular. 

Now, unlike Fortnite and other titles in that scope, the option of doing moves like running up on walls or structures you’re not usually expected to run on is not one you’ll find in Apex Legends, if you’re looking for a game where you can have a perfect mix of reality gaming and fantasy gaming, Apex Legend is it!

DOOM Eternal

Let’s all take a brief second of our time to recognize that DOOM is by far and near one of the absolute best FPS franchises to ever exist. Ok? Cool then. This version of the FPS PC classic DOOM has everything one would expect from a classic going through the ages but staying as relevant as possible. While some of the series best weapons are all available, like the chain gun, super shotgun and the all mighty rocket launcher, they have all been upgraded to become even better and more legendary than they already are. Everything about this classic reboot has all the makings of what a classic FPS gaming fan would want out of a cult classic like DOOM.

Add to all this the always potent, for some people non-pleasant, industrial themed and thrash metal inspired soundtrack and believe you me if you’re not head banging five minutes into playing the game then you are not doing the game justice. Just like always, over the top violence, crazy gameplay scenarios and all around epic fun can be expected with DOOM.

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Garon CockrellBest First Person Shooter Games Out In The Market Right Now