Blindspot Recap: Gunplay Ricochet

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Blindspot Recap: Gunplay Ricochet

We start off the episode with Jane telling Weller about the call from Roman. She says its so there’s nothing between them that Roman can use to drive them apart.

Uh oh.

We already know he’s holding ‘Berlin’ over Weller’s head. Will he fess up?

Patterson is obsessing over a tattoo that Stuart was obsessing over when he died. It’s a list of all the previous owners of Van Gogh’s self portrait.


Patterson solves another tattoo–this one is about a bomber. They find out a bomber they thought was dead is still alive, and about to carry out another attack.

Roman takes his stolen identity for a spin in order to infiltrate an auction?

The team sets up a sting to capture the bomber, or his go between. The go between they find, however,  is an old Sandstorm contact. He almost gets the drop on Jane, but Jane gets the upper hand and they bring him in. He won’t tell him anything, but they find one of his stashes. It leads them to a ledger and a safe house.

The safe house explodes. Of course.

How many explosions have they been in now?

Wedding Day

Throughout the episode, we also see snippets of Jane and Weller’s wedding video. Aww.

Back at the auction, Roman bids 20k on a charity item. Is it actually a surrogate for another, more illegal item? When the item is delivered to him personally by the beautiful auctioneer, he flirts mercilessly with her and talks about her charity. Is she the objective? Looks like she is, since he plants a GPS tracker on her.

Patterson suggests to Zapata that they might have a mole.

Another one? Or is Weller having to mess with more stuff for Roman?

Reade and Zapata shoot the bomber, Weller and Jane disarm the bomb. The old Sandstorm guy escapes custody. Patterson thinks maybe the State Department guy he escaped from might be the mole.

Roman shows up at the end of the wedding video. Zapata spots Reade after hours with the State Department guy.

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JL JamiesonBlindspot Recap: Gunplay Ricochet