Book: Beyond the Ice Limit (Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child)

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beyond the ice limit preston childBeyond the Ice Limit

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Published May 17th, 2016

Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 1455525863 (ISBN13: 9781455525867)





After failing to retrieve a meteorite five years prior–leaving it, his ship, and his crew at the bottom of the ocean in Antarctic waters–Eli Glinn brings a new crew together to destroy it. He’s known it might come to this, ever since it implanted itself in the ocean bed and started growing.

Preston and Child wrote this follow up to The Ice Limit after fans begged for a more definitive ending to the story, and after having teased the title jokingly in Still Life With Crows (one of the characters was reading it). Well paced, it satisfyingly ties up loose ends and keeps you watching the shadows.


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JL JamiesonBook: Beyond the Ice Limit (Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child)