Book: Closer to the Chest (Mercedes Lackey)

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closer to the chestCloser to the Chest

Mercedes Lackey


October 4, 2016


This is the third book in the trilogy featuring Mags, and it’s good.

A new religious order comes to the city, and strange things begin to happen. Prominent women begin to get Poison Pen letters, discussing their secrets and saying vile things to insult them and undercut their confidence. Two women’s religious orders have their temples desecrated. Women owned shops are vandalized, night after night.

Mags uses his contacts and goes undercover to discover the source. Amily uses her network in the Court to examine things from her end as well. Could the new religious order be the source of the hateful acts plaguing the city?

Lackey addresses the timely topic of misogyny and troll attacks on women in power and visibility. As always, she tells an entertaining and enjoyable tale of Valdemar with characters we love and a world we’ll always want to visit.


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JL JamiesonBook: Closer to the Chest (Mercedes Lackey)