Book: Into the Drowning Deep (Mira Grant)

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Into the Drowning Deep

Mira Grant


November 14th, 2017


Tory’s sister disappeared years ago, in a scandalous event that people everywhere claimed was a hoax. According to everyone, Imagine leaked the strange footage to cover up the fact that their own ineptitude had resulted in a full crew and on air personality (her sister) lost at sea. Except Tory was convinced the footage was real, and her sister was eaten by the mermaids they’d set out to find and document.

Tory spent most of her fledgling career and research hours in marine biology searching for the creatures that robbed her of her sister. So when Imagine approached her to be on the next boat out to the Marianas Trench where the last crew disappeared, she was eager to go. Especially since this time, they’d be prepared.

Or so everyone thought.

A creepy marine tale with a foe among the animal world made scarier by it’s brilliance and sheer numbers. Mira Grant is the sci-fi horror genre alias of Seanan McGuire, and like everything else she writes, Into the Drowning Deep is a delightful read with characters interesting enough to care about and suspense enough to make you want to keep reading well past your bedtime. I could definitely see this as a damn good horror film, as long as the effects were top-notch. Perfect fall read, make sure to add it to your list.

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