Book: Elite (Mercedes Lackey)

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elite mercedes lackeyElite (Hunter #2)

Mercedes Lackey

Disney Hyperion

September 6th, 2016

Next in the Hunter series and follow up to first book Hunter, Elite follows Joy in the aftermath of the conspiracy she uncovered, and the death of her friend.

Joy has received a new assignment from her uncle, to patrol the sewers beneath Apex Central. More Othersiders have been found lurking beneath the city that should never even be able to get past the barriers, let alone into the sewers.

Things take a dangerous turn when Joy finds not only a new kind of Othersider, but something even scarier: dead Psimons. After every one she finds, the PsiCorps ratchets up the scrutiny and pressure, and Joy worries that if they have the excuse to go prowling around in her head, they’ll find out the secrets of her home village.

As if the pressure from the new assignment and PsiCorps isn’t enough, she learns that her old nemesis Ace has been allowed out on runs with the military Mages. She’s worried now that he’ll find a way to escape.

Elite is every bit as fun as Hunter, and Lackey always creates characters that are easy to care about. Entertaining and fun, you’ll devour Elite every bit as quickly as I did.


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JL JamiesonBook: Elite (Mercedes Lackey)