Book: Full Wolf Moon (Lincoln Child)

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child full wolf moonFull Wolf Moon

Lincoln Child


May 16th, 2017

Jeremy Logan is a man who has made an interesting hobby into a controversial career. He’s a historian, but he’s also made a name for himself by seeking the truth of folklore and cryptozoology. He calls himself an enigmologist.

Logan makes reservations at a rural artist’s retreat in order to complete a historical paper he’s been working on for ages. While he’s there he gets a visit from an old friend–a forestry service warden who wants to get to the bottom of some strange deaths that have been happening in his woods.

Hikers have been found during full moons savaged to death from what looks like wolf bites–but are ripped in a way that would be impossible for the average wolf to accomplish. The locals whisper to one another that a reclusive family of mountain people are responsible–and that the family harbors a werewolf. Logan is determined to do as his friend asks of him, and get to the bottom of this strange mystery.

Child writes the kind of novel we’ve come to expect from him–stories where since and folklore collide. Unfortunately, it makes some of the conclusions almost predictable, but he does bring up some science that’s probably wilder than the idea of werewolves. Entertaining, and comparable to other titles Child has written.

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JL JamiesonBook: Full Wolf Moon (Lincoln Child)