Book: Killfile (Christopher Farnsworth)

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Christopher Farnsworth

William Morrow

August 9th, 2016


John Smith has more than just what seems like a droll name for someone who tries to stay apart from the public–he has a talent. Perhaps almost a curse? He can hear people’s thoughts like ambient noise, and not just what they’re consciously thinking at a given moment. He can also alter people’s perceptions and weaponize memories.

Formerly a government contractor of sorts, he’s private sector now. He gets a call from billionaire software genius Everett Sloan, who wants him to steal back an algorithm from the competition, who stole it from him. The catch? He wants it obliterated from the thief’s mind entirely.

Seems pretty straightforward.

Until he meets with the target.

Killfile is a sci-fi action film of a novel, barely slowing for breath between bursts of action and intrigue. Smith is an interesting character, and through use of backgrounding flashbacks, we get a good sense of who he is and how he’s come to be the somewhat jaded individual he is. I’d have liked to know more about some of the other characters, but the relentless pace of the story doesn’t really allow for it. Lots of fun, if action and espionage is your speed.

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JL JamiesonBook: Killfile (Christopher Farnsworth)