Book: Nanoshock (K.C. Alexander)

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K.C. Alexander

Angry Robot Books

November 7th, 2017

After the shitshow she went through trying to find out what happened to her and her necro-converted girlfriend, Riko isn’t quite sure what exactly she did that tanked her mercenary cred quite this badly.

She’s got to figure it out though, or she’s done for.

Nanoshock is the next book in the SINless series (first book was Necrotech), and it carries the same groin-punch dose of action peppered with all the grit and swearing you could ever ask for. Alexander delivers no-holds-barred at a barreling pace through a dark and mean future world. We get more adventures of Riko–the mercenary who will do whatever she feels like and whatever she has to, to Get Shit Done. Yes, we like Riko.

Behave Andromeda Romano-Lax

Excerpt from review of Necrotech, Pop Culture Beast 2016:

Riko wakes up on a slab with no idea how she got there. Looking around, it’s obvious she’s in a biotech chop shop, and she was left for dead. Half her tech is turned off, and the ammo slot in her arm is empty. When she tries to make a break for it, amid the chaos and fighting is her girlfriend, Nanjali, sporting a whole lot of extra tech she didn’t have before. Amid the chaos, she converts to full Necro right in front of Riko.

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JL JamiesonBook: Nanoshock (K.C. Alexander)