Necrotech (K.C. Alexander)

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K.C. Alexander

Angry Robot Books

September 6, 2016

Riko wakes up on a slab with no idea how she got there. Looking around, it’s obvious she’s in a biotech chop shop, and she was left for dead. Half her tech is turned off, and the ammo slot in her arm is empty. When she tries to make a break for it, amid the chaos and fighting is her girlfriend, Nanjali, sporting a whole lot of extra tech she didn’t have before. Amid the chaos, she converts to full Necro right in front of Riko.

This is something that happens when the human body is pushed past it’s ability to deal with the amount of technology in it. The tech takes over, and what’s left is a mindless machine that does what it’s best at–in the case of mercenaries like Riko and Nanjali, that’s killing.

Once Riko gets away, she has one goal in mind: Find out how her and Nanji ended up in a chop shop, and who put them there. Her memory is one big blank needing answers, and Riko is just the human wrecking ball to break down doors until she finds them.

Cyberpunk action, conspiracy, and a whodunnit tied together with swearing and cyberpunk zombies.  Hard hitting and fun, it reads like a sci-fi action film. By the end of the book, it’s plain that it’s the start of a series. I’m in for the next one.

Behave Andromeda Romano-Lax

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JL JamiesonNecrotech (K.C. Alexander)