Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

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Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

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The CBD industry today is trending. It is an industry that is performing in so many verticals. Today CBD is helping patients of mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s, used in skin treatments within the beauty industry, and used by individuals for general wellness as a relaxant. 

It is important to note that CBD or cannabidiol, which is the non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp, is only used to treat and not cure any form of pain or illness. 

With that being said, it is still extremely impressive that this all-natural substance is making its mark in so many ways today. With regards to diseases or illnesses, CBD is mostly known to reduce the impact of a series of side-effects, which is helping patients deal with their long term illness in a better way. 

Focusing on smoking and its negative effects on the human body, smoking causes a series of health issues. A severe and commonly known result of excessive smoking is lung cancer. What people do not consider often is the day-to-day effect of smoking. 

Smoking causes a loss of appetite which results in weight loss. It is known to cause anxiety when it becomes an addiction and a smoker does not have access to it. It also hampers the digestive system, causing frequent indigestion. It is bad for oral health. Needless to say, cigarettes smell and become a negative part of one’s personality. 

If you are smoker, you would agree that smoking has many negative effects on your lifestyle that are both – health and non-health related. For people trying to quit smoking, there are multiple solutions available in the market. 

A lot of smokers resort to nicotine gums, nicotine patches, some try to quit cold turkey. Reality is most individuals trying to quit, get back to old habits sooner or later. 

Today, a lot of smokers have found vaping as a solution to quit smoking. Vaping primarily only resolves non-health related issues for smokers, for example, vaping doesn’t make one smell like smoke. You can find vapes available at 180Smoke

Marketed and presented as a classier option by companies like the JUUL, the vaping trend hit new highs in 2019. Although, recently, some major health concerns regarding vaping have been doing the rounds globally. 

Getting into the crux of the matter, CBD is now making its case as an all-natural solution to help smokers trying to quit with their process by helping them deal with side-effects caused when the body doesn’t get the nicotine it is craving. 

As mentioned earlier, CBD can help reduce anxiety. According to CBD Kyro, smokers are known to get frantic and unfocused when they do not have access to cigarettes. Because CBD is known to help with ADHD, it similarly helps smokers that are on their journey of quitting.  

Depression is one of the reasons some people resort to smoking. CBD’s relaxing properties are known to help people in depression. CBD can be a healthier replacement for cigarette smokers that smoke due to depression or when they are generally feeling low. 

Individuals that are in chronic pain are also prone to find smoking cigarettes as a temporary solution. According to Daily CBD Mag, CBD oil can help relieve chronic pain, and be a great alternative for smokers dealing with pain that are using smoking as a relaxant.

Smoking is definitely an addiction. Addiction today is a huge problem globally and especially in the United States. Tobacco addiction is extremely common worldwide. A lot of research has been conducted with smokers and CBD in the last few years, proving that it curbs their addiction. 

A study in 2013, tested 24 regular smokers and tested the impact of them trying CBD. The results showed that their overall smoking reduced by about 40% in terms of the number of cigarettes they smoke in one week. 

Overall, cigarette smoking specifically has reduced in the last 50 years, but due to vaping products that contain tobacco, the amount of tobacco use is still rising every day. 

According to Cool Things Chicago, cigarette smoking causes one-third of the deaths related to cancer every year. This is a huge statistic, and not only that, about 87% of lung cancer deaths every year are because of smoking.

Many big pharma companies are now contributing to research regarding CBD usage to quit smoking. Some have also developed products for CBD consumption for this purpose. There are some companies developing herbal vaping devices to consume CBD, especially for cigarette smokers that are quitting. 

According to Forbes, pharma giant Perrigo, a company that is valued at over 7 Billion Dollars, is now entering the CBD product space in partnership with a company called Witi that builds AI-powered vaping devices. Movements like these are expanding the CBD industry at scale, and it is becoming a common treatment to reduce or quit smoking. 

Vaping CBD is the most common way in which smokers are quitting cigarettes. There are a number of reasons why vaping CBD has become a phenomenon that is recommended to smokers. 

In terms of CBD acting as a relaxant, vaping the substance gives faster results. The impact is almost immediate. It helps manage any kind of pain and reduces stress or anxiety, soon after consumption.  

According to Times Square Chronicles, vaping CBD provides for higher bioavailability, meaning the body is said to absorb more of the substance as compared to other forms of consumption. If you are a smoker and want to try vaping CBD, do buy from trusted sellers and consult a doctor before incorporating CBD into your life. 

In conclusion, CBD can help with the process of quitting smoking, but more research is still going on in regard to this topic. With the involvement of big pharma companies and current promising results, the use of CBD for quitting smoking, just like treating so many other public health issues, is becoming more prominent. 

In the case of CBD, the accurate dosage is crucial. For individuals that are new to CBD, a good tip is to always start with a small dosage. 

If you are planning to quit smoking, or recommending CBD to a friend or loved one for this purpose, do your research, consult a doctor, and purchase CBD products only from trusted sellers. 

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Pop Culture BeastCan CBD Help You Quit Smoking?