Celebs Ditch Conventional Luxury In Favor Of Eco-Friendly Appeal

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Celebs Ditch Conventional Luxury In Favor Of Eco-Friendly Appeal

Renowned writer and activist Jennifer Nini once said, “We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.” Eco-friendly initiatives are becoming a priority among an increasing number of celebrities. Apart from donating time and money towards environmentally-conscious causes, many celebs are also making a concerted effort to render their homes increasingly ‘green’. From Miranda Kerr to Ed Begley Jr, let’s have a closer look at the eco-friendly efforts of some of the world’s biggest stars.

Miranda Kerr’s beauty has a purpose

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has always been very vocal about her passion for saving the planet. Apart from launching her very own natural skincare range, KORA, she also strives towards living an eco-friendly life on a daily basis. Kerr and her husband, Evan Spiegel, who is perhaps best known as the founder of Snapchat, are the proud owners of a seven-bedroom mansion that sports a host of eco-friendly features. The house not only features an infrared sauna and a system that takes water from the air to produce water for the household, but a range of garden beds as well, where organic fresh produce is grown year-round.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus went green years ago

Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her husband, Brad Hall, are not new to eco-friendly living. The couple already gave their beachfront bungalow an eco-friendly makeover back in 2003. Situated in Montecito, California, the home sports everything from energy-saving appliances and sustainable hardwood floors to a retractable sunroof and a range of furnishings made from recycled materials. The house also makes use roof-top photovoltaics, which Freedom Solar note to be one of the easiest ways to render a home more eco-friendly. These solar panels can be used to heat water and generate power for lighting systems and appliances.

Ed Begley Jr. is a proud environmental activist

Renowned actor Ed Begley Jr, who is known for his roles in shows such as Gary Unmarried, The Young Sheldon, and Bless This Mess, has been championing environmental causes for decades. Despite his acting career earning him a pretty penny, Ed opted to live in a solar-powered 1,600 square foot Studio City bungalow with his wife, Rachelle Carson, and daughter Hayden. When the modest two-bedroom abode got too small for the family, they commenced construction on a LEED Platinum-targeting home, which has a reputation for being the most eco-friendly and sustainable home in North America.

Eco-friendly living can be of great benefit to the world. Celebrities yield great power and can affect great environmental change by leading by example when it comes to eco-conscious homes.

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Pop Culture BeastCelebs Ditch Conventional Luxury In Favor Of Eco-Friendly Appeal