Celebs Play Too! Top 6 Casino Games Played by Celebrities

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Top 6 Casino Games Played by Celebrities

We admit it, there are times when we are so fascinated with the private and public lives of celebrities. That means they are constantly on the radar, and whatever they do quickly becomes top news all over the globe.

Casinos and casino gaming in general have become part of pop culture, there are so many famous iconic scenes where the main characters play roulette, poker, or have a go at the slot machines. We actually have a very exciting piece on casinos in pop culture, have a look if you want to know more. But this time we want to draw your attention to something slightly different, namely, games that celebrities play in their spare time.

Apart from partying all night, living large and enjoying life, some celebrities have been known to enjoy casino games and win big there.  Here are the top favourite games played by celebrities, paired with some of the unusual situations they got themselves into.

Craps – A game of craps sounds appealing to many celebrities. Ray Romano, a famous American comedian best known from the sitcom “Everybody loves Raymond” is known to be quite fond of it. Another passionate player is the former presidential candidate John McCain, and his 24-hour long craps sessions have become urban stories. Michael Jordan, a former professional basketball player also enjoys playing this type of game. As other craps players say, he is apparently quite good at it.

Roulette – This game has never lost its charm and popularity among regular casino players, and celebrities are no exception. They can be often seen joining a crowded table and pursuing their lucky number. Apart from Tiger Woods, who has been known as a fan of almost every type of a casino game, the former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles is known to be a roulette game fan. His casino game attracted much media attention ever since his band mates were removed from a casino venue because they were under 21.

Blackjack – This game attracts players and celebrities due to the strategizing appeal of the game. The most famous A-list heartthrob who was often found to enter high-stake blackjack tournaments is Ben Affleck. One of his most successful wins was getting around $800.000 during a round. Blackjack has also won over the love of famous entrepreneur P. Diddy who is regularly invited by big casinos to open their Blackjack night.

Slots – It’s strange to think that a celebrity is sitting behind a slot machine and waiting for the jackpot. There are famous celebrities who admit they often play online slot games, enjoying the comfort and appeal of these Jammin’ Jars and smashing fruit themed slot games. However, there are celebrities who enjoy the classic slot machine game. Surprisingly, they don’t mind a crowded slot hall. One famous slot machine fan is the Baywatch star and former Playboy model Pamela Anderson. She enjoys being in a casino hall, chatting with people and playing poker and slots. It would be interesting to know that maybe she is a fan of the Baywatch inspired slot that has her in it.

Poker – The game of poker is a top choice for celebrity gamers, attracting both A-listers and occasional gamers. Some of them even forgot about their regular job and chose poker as a profession. One example of a celebrity who turned to a professional poker gamer is Shannon Elizabeth, the star from the famous American Pie movies. She can be seen on the World Series of Poker Championships and Celebrity Poker Showdowns. Sports athletes like Michael Phelps and Allen Iverson are also fans of the poker table and play this game very often.

Baccarat – The classic appeal of this game may not be as attractive as Blackjack or Poker, but there are celebrities that really have a thing for this game. Gladys Knight, or as she was called “The Soul Empress” was a big fan of this game. She often spent thousands of dollars on it, and one sitting even cost her around $40.000. Another famous person that will be associated with Baccarat is Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond novels. His passion for this game found its way in his books, as he often sets 007 to play Baccarat in some of his casino adventures.  The film versions changed these details, but the first ever James Bond casino scene in Dr No still stands as a testament of the writer’s love for this game.


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Pop Culture BeastCelebs Play Too! Top 6 Casino Games Played by Celebrities