Companionship is Important, Even When You’re a Technomancer

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In the article I posted previously about The Technomancer, I mentioned being able to recruit companions, but I wasn’t entirely sure just how deep the relationships could get.

As it turns out, The Technomancercompanions take a bit of inspiration from other RPG series. Each companion will have their own set of values and your actions in-game will affect your relationship with them. You can reach a breaking point in the relationship and have them turn on you as I had a party member in Dragon Age: Origins. I guess that means whoever compliments my chosen

Keeping with some of the other influences, you can also learn more about companions backstories by taking on quests as your companions bring them up. Doing so not only lets you learn more about them but will also strengthen your bond with them. A companion you get along with will fight better with you. While not implicitly stated, you can surmise from the trailer below that once a companion’s narrative arc has reached its end, they’ll unlock new abilities that are only accessible through their sidequests.

Your companions will level up alongside you, which is a welcome feature in my mind. They can also wear the same equipment that you do (which is means clothing technology has really changed in the future!), so you need to make sure they’re equipment is up to snuff. You can also upgrade their current equipment through crafting and swap out what they have on whenever it’s needed.

As more information comes out about The Technomancer, the more excited I am to get to play it. June 28th can’t come quickly enough.

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Jason ArriolaCompanionship is Important, Even When You’re a Technomancer