Concert Review: Dave Matthews Band at the Hollywood Bowl

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Dave Matthews Band
September 10, 2018
Hollyood Bowl

On Sept. 10th, Dave Matthews Band played to a sold-out audience at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the last performance of their North American tour, simply called, “Summer Tour 2018.” The band’s most recent album, “Come Tomorrow,” was released on June 8th.

Though it was the first album they’ve released since 2012, its new songs made up only about a third of the set list, but the audience didn’t seem to mind. Old favorites like “Crash Into Me,” “What Would You Say,” and “Ant Marching” definitely got the crowd more excited than any of their most recent songs. There were points during the show where the band was drowned out by the thousands of fans singing along. Having grown up in the 90s, I loved hearing the songs that made them famous.

Dave Matthews leads The Dave Matthews Band during their performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Monday, Sept. 10, 2018. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Their new additions were great too though. At one point in the show, while Dave Matthews “distracted” the audience with his charming southern drawl and effortless sense of humor, an orchestra was set up on stage, which accompanied the band’s lullaby-like “Here On Out” along with the next couple of songs.

Unlike many artists, Dave Matthews Band’s live performance was just as great as anything they’ve recorded, and it felt like we were watching a jam session among friends. They appeared to genuinely be having a good time with each other, sometimes even seeming to ignore the audience completely. It was a great show all around.



  1. One Sweet World
    2. That Girl Is You
    3. #41
    4. Don’t Drink the Water
    5. Again And Again
    6. When I’m Weary
    7. Louisiana Bayou
    8. Sledgehammer
    9. Crash Into Me
    10. What Would You Say
    11. Here On Out
    12. Come On Come On
    13. Squirm
    14. Jimi Thing
    15. Shake Me Like a Monkey
    16. Everyday
    17. She
    18. Ants Marching

    ——– ENCORE ——–

    19. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
    20. Why I Am
    21. All Along The Watchtower

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Anastasia RoseConcert Review: Dave Matthews Band at the Hollywood Bowl