Concert Review: Kristin Chenoweth Live at the Hollywood Bowl

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Another great evening at the Bowl, this time with another super talented woman taking center stage, broadway legend: Kristin Chenoweth.

I arrived only knowing the basics about Kristin Chenoweth. Wicked. Broadway star. Blonde.

I left a full on fan.

I’m ashamed to say I was a few minutes late to this one, which I never do, but this time it happened so I missed the first couple of songs. Kristin took the stage promptly and with no opening act and played for for I’d say two hours with a brief intermission in between acts. She might just be our modern Dolly Parton, at least inheriting the brassy southern gal attitude that Dolly is so famous for.

The evening was a mix of broadway classics including a couple Judy Garland songs, originals of Kristin’s, and covers of other artists including Desperado that was so good it made me want her new album immediately. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but I left fully on board with Kristin. She was so delightfully charming, funny, and for sure did not take her self too seriously at all. In fact, she even had fun with messing up part of Somewhere Over The Rainbow which I didn’t even notice until she acknowledged it.

She plays on sex appeal, talks about her career, pleads with us to come together, and through it all delivers a pitch perfect show with a voice that is nearly unbelievable. One particular highlight of the show is when she brought up a you

ng woman to duet with her on For Good. The girl, only 14, of course had trouble remembering the lyrics and who wouldn’t when you are singing with Kristin Chenoweth who the girl was clearly a massive fan of but as the song progressed and she got more comfortable she nailed it. Including giving a little riff at the end that had Kristin more than a little proud. It was a really touching part of the show and a highlight in an evening that was full of them.

In the end, Kristin took us to church with some guests from AMDA to cap off a simply gorgeous evening of music. She is a true talent and if you have the chance to see her, please take it. You won’t be disappointed.

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Garon CockrellConcert Review: Kristin Chenoweth Live at the Hollywood Bowl