Interesting places to “Visit” During COVID

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Quirky Visits to Plan During Quarantine


While we’re under quarantine and safer at home orders, it’s hard to find ways to keep ourselves occupied. Libraries are closed, museums are closed, live music venues are closed…So what better to do than to take a virtual tour of interesting places. I’m talking about visiting quirky henges all over the US. From a henge made of boats, to a henge made of giant vases, these places will make you smile, and hopefully laugh. And maybe, once our world is safer, you can visit these neat places in person. So let’s start out with the first henge in a series of posts.


Everyone knows about Stonehenge, but do you know about Foamhenge? It’s a full-size replica of Stonehenge, only made out of Styrofoam, located near Centreville, VA, which is a couple hours outside Washington, DC.

Mark Cline of Enchanted Castle Studio, built this interesting and fun henge, and has described it as his greatest achievement. Foamhenge is an enormously popular roadside attraction. “About 15 years ago I walked into a place called Insulated Business Systems where they make these huge 16-foot-tall blocks,” Cline told Roadside America when he was in the process of completing the structure. “As soon as I saw them I immediately thought of the idea: ‘Foamhenge.’ It took a while for the opportunity to present itself, of course.”

Cline’s creation is an exact replica of the original Stonehenge, but some think it’s more photogenic. The giant Styrofoam blocks are deceiving – they look like real stone from even from close-up. But this Stonehenge doesn’t sit on a remote island, instead it sits on top of a bluff overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.






You can visit Foamhenge at:

Cox Farms
15621 Braddock Road
Centreville, Virginia, 20120
United States
Thanks to Atlas Obscura  for the recommendation of Foamhenge as somewhere interesting to visit!
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Robin LynnInteresting places to “Visit” During COVID