How Does The Walking Dead TV Series-Based Video Game Compare to Others?

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Since The Walking Dead debuted on the AMC network in 2010, enthusiasts have gone nuts for all kinds of Walking Dead merchandise and memorabilia. There is something for everybody regarding The Walking Dead merchandise, from set replicas to clothing apparel. Even before the TV series, fans of The Walking Dead comics produced one-of-a-kind merchandise centred on The Walking Dead. However, there is one form of merchandising that The Walking Dead seems to lack: video games. Several online games have been released based on TV shows.

Video Games Focusing on The Walking Dead

Many video games have emerged that model after several TV series. Based on the TV show, producers have created several video games outside of The Walking Dead’s main plot, concentrating on protagonists who reside in The Walking Dead’s world but do not have any direct relation to familiar characters from the television show. Along with Telltale’s video games, there’s also the unappealing “The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts game,” which stars Daryl, a recurring character from The Walking Dead. However, the game focuses on a prequel part of his story that has little to do with The Walking Dead television series.

No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land does represent the television series The Walking Dead, but it isn’t nearly as vast or immersive as a video game based on what The Walking Dead should be. The Walking Dead-themed video games are not cutting it. Something different is needed. The lack of appeal for video games focusing on The Walking Dead is most likely due to the background of the stories depicted in the games. If the storylines portrayed in video games were closely linked to The Walking Dead television show, fans would be more likely to play the game.

The State Of Decay

Aside from wishes and hopes for a The Walking Dead video game that is more closely related to the television series, there might already be a video game released that closely mirrors the world of The Walking Dead. The video game could easily be patched to include the stories portrayed in the first five seasons. The game being referred to is called “State Of Decay.”

“State Of Decay,” which was released as a downloadable game on Xbox Live, is still largely unknown due to its position in the Xbox archives. However, with a bit of clarification on how to play the game, the idea behind the video game may capture the attention of gamers everywhere.

“State of Decay” is a third-person shooter that follows a random backpacker who finds himself in an obscure valley town when zombies awaken from the grave and the apocalypse begins. Once the character has finished the first chapter of the video game, the player uses him as a recruiter, supporter and runner for several other groups of survivors before forming his own. A player can explore the world as the stated character at their leisure. Anything is possible, from gathering arms, supplies and vehicles, to killing legions of zombies. However, one aspect of the game that isn’t particularly appealing is the required travelling and the lack of a quick travel method.

What Should the Next Video Game Include?

Another Walking Dead video game based on the TV series, would greatly resonate with viewers of the show who didn’t fully appreciate the outcome of any significant events in The Walking Dead.

Having a sandbox-style game where players can choose which group members live or die, would result in unique storylines. Although some would say that The Walking Dead’s plot would never return to the same point if the plight of the survivors were altered, it would be effortless to substitute one character’s life for the death of another in a video game. There will also be plenty of opportunities to diverge from the main plot, allowing you to create your universe inside The Walking Dead. Altering the fate of the survivors’ colony, deciding who will survive and who will die, would be incredible to see in a video game based on the TV series.

Could a Video Game Accompany the Walking Dead Television Series?

Aside from the possible basis for The Walking Dead video game, one with unique and related features could be produced once fans of the TV series start to demand a video game based on the series. Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero would have no choice but to create a video that genuinely originates from the story since they own the original. Both the showrunner and the producer of The Walking Dead have little or nothing to lose by making a video game, but they have a lot to gain. Fans of the show will be lining up outside video game stores everywhere to get their hands on it. Would you like to play a video game based on the TV series, The Walking Dead?

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Garon CockrellHow Does The Walking Dead TV Series-Based Video Game Compare to Others?