How To Grow Spotify Plays and Followers

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How To Grow Spotify Plays and Followers

There are a lot of different streaming media websites and apps for anyone to use. However, there is only one that leads the pack in monthly users and yearly revenue. Spotify is by far the largest of all of the online radio giants. If you are focusing your music and podcasts for the Spotify audience then you are missing out on literally hundreds of millions of listeners. If you are, then you have created a great start, but this isn’t the end. You need to learn how to properly manage your numbers and stats to truly make a monetary difference and break through the musical mundane. Take the following hints to heart and go buy Spotify plays.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the creation of two Swedish geniuses. They revolutionized the music industry back in 2006 and hadn’t even recognized what they had done. Every year Spotify rakes in over 5 billion EUR with over 300 million active users. Almost half of these users are paid premium users.

The music industry isn’t what it was like 30 years ago. CDs and radio plays aren’t as important. What is important is the ability for you to get heard on Spotify. Unless you have a record deal, you won’t get on the radio. Unless you have connections, you probably won’t get your music in-front of a producer. However, you can skip the line. Get popular on Spotify and you won’t ever need to be produced. Rather, you can live off of the royalties straight from this platform and all of the other associated platforms. It all starts with Spotify.

Why Should I Care About Spotify?

There are generally two ways to listen to Spotify. For the moment you should disregard the ads that they play and focus on the music. A general user can either listen to a pre-defined playlist that they create, an album, or someone else’s mix. Either way, the user isn’t exploring other songs or artists. They only listen to what is known to them.

So, if they don’t know you, then you don’t have access to them. However, they do get bored and switch often over to the second way. This way is the “radio” version. They can listen to music “similar” to an artist or song. This allows Spotify to show them similar artists that they might be interested in but may have never heard before. This is how you get in-front of them. Dominate the suggested lists and the listeners will start to favorite your song and save it to their other playlists. If you put out enough then you will grow followers and start to pick up significant amounts of organic momentum.

What Are the Important Spotify Metrics?

How does Spotify know which of the other unknown artists to promote? Well, they have a proprietary algorithm that can pick out similar sounds and tones. These songs are all grouped together. Songs that are popular with the general public or artists that have significantly more followers are put at the front of the list for sharing. Think of it as a popularity contest. If your song is popular, Spotify will want to share it with others more. Spotify wants to be known as the new and up and coming artist platform. They don’t want to share unliked music. No one wants that.

Conclusion is that you need to improve your followers and your plays if you are going to get the attention of Spotify for it to share your sound around.

What Can I Do to Improve My Spotify Metrics?

So, you are ready to improve your plays and followers, but you don’t know how. That is okay. It is difficult and time consuming if you do it the old school way. Young grasshopper you no longer need to beg for plays from the five people that follow you on twitter. Instead, you can skip the line. Why wait when you can fly? The only line is the one in your head you won’t cross. It is invisible and not real. The digital world is the makeshift construct of digital corporations. There are no lines but the ones that pay them billions in dollars.

Take your future in your own hands. Don’t wait for your friends and family to come to your rescue with a million plays. Go out and buy Spotify plays yourself. You don’t need to buy your own audience. All you need is enough plays and followers to make Spotify notice that you are popular. Once this happens your brand will grow organically.

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