Is Listening To Music Dangerous During Risky Situations?

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Music is the supreme achievement in the history of humanity. It is a form of art which can induce our hidden feelings to emerge, completely make us immerse in the imaginary world. We do not even need to know the language of a specific song to understand what a singer is trying to say.


Music has gained a foothold in our lives that some of us can barely do without it. It is a very powerful instrument and sometimes can make us do things we are not able to do in a normal situation.

How music affects us?

To begin, let’s talk about how music affects a person in terms of work and creativity. Does music help a person concentrate? Yes and no! It is not necessary to listen to music in order to concentrate on a person, because complete silence is good for the best concentration, and this applies to most of us.


However, some people need some background in the process of work, to think and make important decisions. The sounds of music help them not only to concentrate but also to increase mental performance. Conversely, the impact of music on a person who tunes in to work, rather than listening to it directly during work, is, in most cases positive. And only a few do not attach any importance to music as something inspiring.


Inspiration and performance of music have been proved effective in various moments. People who are playing video games online have better results than those who are not. Moreover, in the Canadian capital Ottawa very interesting research was carried out. The main subject was the online gambling industry. Customers of Canadian online casino providers were asked how they were playing various casino games. Most of them answered that their gaming was accompanied by music. And it was electronic music because most of them felt brave and stubborn to make choices, which they might not make in the normal circumstances.


In 2005, scientists from the UK found that listening to music helps athletes increase their performance by twenty percent during training. It turns out that the influence of music on the human psyche is similar to the doping used by some athletes. But unlike the forbidden substances, music does not harm health and does not appear in anti-doping tests. To improve the results, athletes can be advised; during intense training, listen to music at a fast pace, and during breaks, slow music.

Music during risky situations

While listening to music is indeed helpful in some cases, it could be damaging in risky situations. I can think of Hans Zimmer. His music is full of energy, action and rhythm. Take, for example the Joker soundtrack from the Dark Knight. It is very energetic and if you are driving a bike at a very high speed while listening to this music you can literally feel invincible, which can lead to a terrible accident.


Hans Zimmer is not the only one providing us with such music. Electronic music, in general, arouses feelings which we do not experience in normal situations. We become more straightforward in making choices and the choice we make might not be the best option. In general listening to music in risky moments affects us negatively. And it has been bolstered by scientific researches.


It goes without saying that living without music would be impossible. Everything we do under the influence of music – whether it is good or bad is directly related to the latter. But it is always a good idea to restrain oneself from listening to it in risky situations so that we do not make hasty decisions.

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Pop Culture BeastIs Listening To Music Dangerous During Risky Situations?